Best Wyoming cities to invest in real estate

Lake and mountains in Wyoming Yellowstone National Park.

Finally, you came into some money and you are looking to invest it. Real estate is always a great investment. Investing in real estate is always a great option because there is more than one way to exploit the investment. You can rent it, you can use it as a business space or you can simply live in it (instead of paying rent every month). Where to invest your money is a question that will most certainly appear. Think outside the box. People that make great investments always think outside the box and they are always one step ahead of others. Have you considered investing and buying real estate in Wyoming?  In case you did, here are the best Wyoming cities to invest in.

Why you should consider investing in best Wyoming cities

Why should you invest in real estate in Wyoming? This question goes hand and hand with the question: Why would you want to move to Wyoming? As a state, Wyoming has many great qualities that make it attractive for people to move to. It is no surprise that many decided to invest in Wyoming instead of investing in New York or California.

Alt text: lake in Grand Tetons park.

One of the best things about Wyoming is the beautiful nature.

Best things about Wyoming

If you have decided to move to Wyoming, go to and ask them for professional assistance. In case you are still contemplating, here are some main reasons why real estate in Wyoming is getting more buzz than ever:

  • Nature, open space and beautiful mountains
  • Cost of living is below the national average in the United States
  • Job market – mostly driven by tourism and mineral extraction industry
  • No pollution
  • Calmer life in smaller cities
  • Very low crime rates – when you double Wyoming’s the crime rates, you still don’t reach the national average
  • Skiing and fishing
  • Known to be the top state (or one of the top) for the well-being and health of its residents

In case you are persuaded to move to Wyoming, there are many local Wyoming companies to move you across the country. Hire them to handle your move. Certainly, they will provide you better service than other out of state professionals.

Best Wyoming cities to invest in

We discussed why this state is attractive for potential relocation. This was important to understand because it is related to investing. Why would you want to invest in a place where nobody wants to be? So, let get back to investing. Don’t expect to find big cities to invest in Wyoming. All the best Wyoming cities are small. That is a part of their charm. Before you run along and hire a real estate agent, first you should decide which city will best suit your investment.


Ranking of best cities to invest in Wyoming

  1. Rawlins
  2. Worland
  3. Cheyenne
  4. Powell
  5. Riverton
  6. Casper
  7. Torrington
  8. Cody
  9. Douglas
  10. Sheridan
Building in Wyoming city - Cheyenne

Number three on our Best Wyoming cities for investments list – Cheyenne.

Which factors influenced the ranking?

When making this list of Wyoming best cities, we couldn’t just subjectively determine and pick which cities we would like on the list. Thus, we had to use certain factors that will give a more objective approach to ranking. After all, investing money in real estate is very serious. Especially because big bucks are needed for it. Consequently, there is a high risk. We didn’t want to chance it, so we used some math and numbers to accomplish what we wanted.

Dynamics of the population

The important thing is not to get confused. We were not focused on the number of the overall population. The city with the largest number of residence wouldn’t be the winner in this case. On the contrary, we were looking at the dynamics of the population. To be more specific, the growth of the population. This gives us a clear indication of where people are migrating to. Hence, where do people want to live? If the number of people grows, from one year to the next, it probably means that the need for more living space is going to grow.

Average real estate prices

In this situation, the population and average home prices go hand in hand. We cannot do reliable rankings without both. The goal is to find cities where the average home prices are well below the average in the United States. However, the average in the city still has to show growth. This combination is important in determining which investments will bring you benefits. Altogether, this might sound contradictory but, it is simple. Catch the real estate while cheap with massive potential for growth in value.

mountains, lake and woods in Wyoming.

Nature and lack of pollution make Wyoming an attractive destination for investing and living.

What do you need to do as a real estate investor to be successful?

Stay ahead of the curve. Always be one step in front of your competitors. In many instances, this would imply to notice potential before others. Therefore, act before others, because once others smell dollar signs it might be much harder to exploit the same market place or idea.

For this particular reason, Wyoming can be a diamond in the rough. With its beautiful nature, low crime rates, solid job opportunities, and unseen nature, it might have the best cities for families to nest. The crazier life gets in large cities, more people will prefer to live in calmer and smaller cities. Especially people with families, that want to live a healthier and safer life.

Some final advice, if you looking to invest in the best Wyoming cities, hire professional help. You need somebody to guide you. You need a local real estate agent or a local buyer agent that knows the land and knows all the pros and cons. If you hire somebody that is not local, it is very likely they will not be as informed as you need them to be. Since real estate investments are very lucrative but also very pricey, take your time. Look at the property multiple times before you buy it and hire local professionals to examine your potential purchase. Measure twice and cut once! Don’t risk it. Happy real estate hunting.