Eco-Friendly Move – Few Tips for Green Moving

Hand holding a tree.

If you think about moving, you’ll realize that it isn’t an especially environmentally friendly process. And if you do care about our planet, that can be heartbreaking. Of course, cardboard moving boxes are recyclable, but many movers actually do accumulate a lot of trash along the way. And that’s not all. A lot of waste goes to packing materials and moving supplies. There is also a lot of driving included, and that adds up. When you put it like that, the eco-friendly move seems like a product of dreams.

However, green moving is indeed a real thing. Doing it the eco way, you’ll do your planet and wallet a favor. The even better thing about it is that you don’t have to do much to reduce your carbon footprint. And the best thing about it is that it is simple.

Try to use as many containers as you already have

You will for sure need a few boxes for the relocation, and there’s no wonder in that. However, you can heavily cut down the number of boxes using containers that you already have. You may be surprised by how prepared you are if you use suitcases, dresser drawers, plastic bins, and gym bags. Even reusable grocery tote can make a great container.

We can find examples of smart packing everywhere. For instance, if you have a small trash bin in the bathroom, you can fill it with things that were stored under your sink and that you use to clean your house. After you’ve done with cleaning, of course. The more you can fit in things that you already have, the fewer boxes you will need. And that is the essential thinking for organizing an eco-friendly move.

Save the boxes that you get

Most of the people nowadays shop online. It is definitely not an eco way of getting your supplies, but it is a reality. However, when you buy anything online it comes in a box. If you know that you have an upcoming relocation, you can simply store all the boxes that you receive this way. Even better, your friends and family can collect them for you as well. If you break them down they’re pretty easy to store and manipulate with. So keeping them shouldn’t be a problem.

Boxes ready for an eco-friendly move

Anything you order online will come in a cardboard box that you can use afterward.

You can even get used boxes for the Eco-Friendly Move

If shopping online simply isn’t your thing, there are other ways to accumulate boxes. You can ask in any local grocery or retail store for boxes. They usually have a bunch of them and they don’t need them. So if delivery just arrived you may be lucky. One other great way for getting them would be through social media. Sites like Craiglist and Freecycle also can be places where you’ll find people offering free boxes in your area.

It maybe is not the simplest way to acquire boxes that you need for your relocation, but it surely is a way to an eco-friendly move.

Many things can be packing materials

Many packing materials, especially ones that are used for wrapping, are not easily recyclable. There are special collection points where you can recycle them, but usually, they end up in the garbage. And that is not good.

Before you get anything made out of plastic to protect your belongings, think about what you already have. There is a variety of things that you can use to protect your items. Any kind of towels, linens, or clothes can be used to safely tuck your precious things. If you need additional materials, wrap your things in the newspaper. The efficiency of a few layers of paper will amaze you.

Dog wrapped in blanket.

Don’t wrap your pets in blankets, save them for wrapping your belongings.

Donate rather than tossing things

We already know that move is an ideal time for downsizing on stuff and for simple cleanup. However, instead of throwing away anything you don’t need, donate it or give it to someone who can still have use of it. You should make three piles of things when decluttering. Donate, recycle and toss. Try to make ”toss pile” as small as you can.

There are many options for donating things that you don’t need. Garage sale where everything is free is a great idea if you have a lot of stuff. On the other hand, you can give everything to charities such as Goodwill, Red Cross, and local organizations and animal shelters.

Regarding your recycle pile, you should make sure to get rid of it in the right manner. Find out where local recycling points are for electronics as well for the plastic that you have accumulated.

Take it easy with the kitchen

Without a doubt, kitchen is the hardest room to pack. Movers do know that, so that is the reason why they always start with it. However, if you pack all of your plates, dishes, and glasses first thing, you won’t have anything to eat from. This means that you’ll relly on plastic plates and cups to move by. And that is not good. Plan your packing process accordingly, and leave out just enough plates and spoons as you need to get through the moving process.

Kitchen waiting to be packed.

Don’t rush with packing everything that’s in the kitchen.

Find a green moving company

The biggest thing you can do if you’re trying to perform an eco-friendly move is to hire a green moving company as your kind of moving assistanceThese companies commit themselves to environmentally friendly ways of moving. They usually have trucks that run on biodiesel instead of regular gas. Also, they can help you and supply you with reusable containers and moving boxes so that is a big plus also. You can search for reputable green moving companies on the internet, or you can ask in any eco organization near you. They would be happy to help you.

Do as few trips as you can

The final step to your achievement of an eco-friendly move is to do as few trips as you can. Try to get all of your things shipped or transported in one go on a moving day. If you do transport some of the things by yourself, be sure to stuff your car or van as much as you can. This way you’ll utilize your carbon footprint.