How to find a reputable moving company in your area

A woman with a laptop and a smartphone, showing how to find a reputable moving company in your area with good research.

When moving, the first dilemma you need to solve is whether you’ll do it on your own or you’ll hire professionals. For those ready to invest some time, a DIY move might be an option for small distances. It’s not always cost-efficient, but it has its perks. But in most cases, you will need to find a reputable moving company in your area if you are moving far. It’s proven to be the best way to save both money and time. Nevertheless, you need to be careful and check much information before finding the right one.

Steps to find a reputable moving company in your area

Looking for a reputable moving company in your area will require you to do some research. At times, it can be time-consuming until you find the proper movers, but it’s worthwhile. Quite often, you can come across people with bad experiences with movers. To avoid being one of them, it’s important to investigate all the information regarding the companies. To make sure your movers are reliable and trustworthy, you can follow these next few steps.

Check available online resources

There is a great amount of useful information you can find online. What most people start with is using one of the search engines like Google. That can lead you to some more official websites like Better Business Bureau and Verified Movers. It’s best to combine them, and also include other sources like portals and forums. To find a proper moving company in your area it’s good to check their website and other information as well.

A man looking for information about moving companies on his laptop.

Plenty of useful information is available online.

Go in-depth with reviews

Second, it’s good to see what other people have to say about the company. From their own experience, you can easily conclude if they are satisfied or not. Reviews, combined with ratings, will give you a strong picture of how a company handles its business and customers. If there are complaints, pay attention, and see if, and how, they are resolved. However, don’t take everything for granted. Recent reviews might be more relevant, because, after all, everyone can make a mistake.

A man pointing at a five-star rating.

Clients give the best judgment about business.

Contact and ask questions

When researching, don’t hesitate to contact companies and ask questions like:

  • Full company and DBA names
  • Years of experience
  • Company physical address
  • DOT and MC license numbers
  • Contact numbers
  • Email addresses
  • References

All the information is relevant and should be available for their clients. Transparency plays a great deal in the provider-user relationship. In other words, there should be nothing to hide, if the company is valid.

Insist on In-Home estimates

When you are down to several choices, ask each of them to provide in-house estimates. Usually, they will come to your place, do a complete inspection, and give you an offer. You can ask them for specialized service if you have some delicate items like instruments and artworks. But, what it comes down to, is to get complete information about all the costs and fees. And, of course, to meet them in person.

Have everything in writing

Before signing a deal, make sure they provide you with everything in writing. A letter on the paper with a signature is a sort of insurance that you won’t be scammed. You don’t need to sign anything right away but you need to carefully read everything. Just, get a few written estimates and compare them so you can calculate your moving costs. Find the one that suits you the most, and then make an informed decision.

It wouldn’t be hard to find a reputable moving company in your area if you will follow these steps. They are here to bring the searching process closer to you. After all, having guidance in situations like this is better than randomly wander around.