How to conduct an office relocation?

Moving your office can be one of the most important events in your company’s life. That is why you need to do it correctly. Whether it is a move to a different part of town, another city, or a completely different state, if will most surely affect your business in a positive manner. However, moving can be a very difficult endeavor and you need to be ready for every possibility. This is why you need to make proper organization. You being a company owner probably know this well. This applies to everything in life, even moving. Having a plan can help your office relocation immensely. Fortunately, such a plan can be made by following several simple steps. We know that you are probably wondering how to conduct an office relocation. If you were not, you would not be here. So let’s dive in!

confirming the decision to conduct an office relocation

Your decision to conduct office relocation was the right one!

Making proper organization

As we have already mentioned, good organization is a path to success for everything in life. That is why creating a moving checklist is somewhat of a must. This will make your move a walk in the park. By creating a moving checklist, you are preparing yourself to face anticipated problems, and devise possible solutions for them. Create a timeline for your move. You should do this with the help of your moving team. If you are planning to hire professional movers, do so as soon as possible. This will make your schedule more flexible, as you will make a good timeline of when should that be done.

white board

A clean slate for your checklist.

You also need to see if your company is financially ready to conduct an office relocation. If not, this can hinder all the progress you have made so far. You need to realize that moving your office takes a lot of time and a lot of work. And work does not come cheap. However, hiring a good company for your office relocation can always help you in ways you could not have imagined. It may be more expensive, but doing an office move is not recommended if you are not financially capable of doing so.

Determine your reasons for moving office

One of the biggest concerns when conducting an office relocation is the actual location of your move. What does the new location offer to your company?

  • Is it closer to your target audience? You may have realized that this is one of the reasons your company is not doing so well as you have imagined. This is a very good reason to conduct an office relocation.
  • Does it contain more qualified individuals who will probably be willing to work for you? If you live in a small remote area, this can be a real issue. Commuting is not in anyone’s favor and it can affect the quality of the work they put in.
  • Are there cheaper properties that you can rent? By considering this option, you have proved that you are exactly the kind of person who wants to run a successful company. By cutting the costs on property, you will get a very steady increase in income, however small it may be! You may even look for similar priced locations which have better options for your company to prosper.

These are some of the questions you need to answer in order to conduct your office relocation with utmost certainty that it is a good decision.

big city

Moving to a bigger city will yield more opportunities.

Hiring professional movers

When you have determined your finances, this should be the next step on your moving checklist. Hiring a reliable moving company will solve a plethora of problems. However, finding a good moving company can be a pain in the neck. But the pain will be worthwhile in the end. A lot of stress you would feel if you were to conduct an office relocation on your own will be lifted from your shoulders. Professionals know how to do your move and will do it perfectly. But only if you pick the right ones. There are many companies around that just look for a way to scam people. Scamming companies resort to a myriad of methods to steal money from you and will do so with no mercy. That is why you need to be careful when choosing a moving company.

First you should ask your friends and family about recommendations. If someone had recently moved, they should know which company is reliable if they had done their research. If this does not help, then you can try searching online. You can do so on websites such as BBB or Yelp. These websites offer reviews made by real people. When you find a company that seems reliable to you, check the reviews. If they are overly positive, it is a good sign. However, some companies resort to writing fake reviews in order to bait unsuspecting customers in. This is why double checking everything is the right way to do this. See if they have contact information and call them. If you are talking to an official company representative who offers you to come to their office and discuss business, you should be in the clear. Ask about a free moving estimate, just so you know the approximate price of your move.

Have a meeting with your employees before you conduct ans office relocation

Doing a move can be a hard blow for your employees. They will be required to leave the comfort of their hometown, and their friends and family. That is why you need to have a meeting with them and talk about the positive things in the move. Talk about how the company will move to a bigger city with more opportunity for everything. By showing that you care about your employees you will gain their trust and they will know that you mean well for them. They are not the only ones making a sacrifice by doing the move, but it is for the greater good of the company.

This should be enough to guide you if you want to conduct an office relocation. Let us tell you, it will not be easy. Worthwhile? Indeed!