How to move with toddlers?

a mother playing with her child

If you want to move with toddlers, that can be a challenge. However, there are many ways to ease this process. Having small kids is already a tough job and moving with them can be scary. It is your job, as a parent, to make this move exciting instead of terrifying. Toddlers are young, but they still have many questions and they cannot understand why you have to move. They will have questions, and you should be ready to answer them because toddlers need great attention during these formative years.

Make a move with toddlers in an easy way

The point is that moving with toddlers can be stress-free, or at least you can make it less worrying. You have to bear in mind that toddlers are at a developmental stage during which they are learning about the world around them. They are getting to know their surroundings. Therefore, a move can be very confusing for them. In spite of that, you can make the move easier if you handle your toddlers and address their needs in the right manner. It could be useful to consider the best time to relocate.

Answer all the questions your toddlers might have

Toddlers are very young and you may think they are unaware of what is happening. This is not true and you need to boost their confidence and make them feel important by checking on their feelings. You can do this by answering all the questions regarding the move they might have. For example, they might ask what is going to happen to the house they live in or the playground they are used to. These questions are not silly and you should be serious and talk to them in a respectful manner. The goal is to prepare them for moving.

Parents talking with toddlers because the move with toddlers is inevitable

Pay attention to your toddlers’ needs.

Include your toddlers in the moving process

In order to avoid stress when moving, include your toddlers in the whole process. Toddlers are often unable to express themselves clearly and to vocalize their concerns. You should make them comfortable to say whatever they want and take their worries seriously. Parents need to be gentle if they want to move with toddlers. The discussion with your toddlers should be low-key so that they do not begin to worry about the move. However, they should be aware of the moving process. Pay attention to how your toddler feels and track their mood. If the child is sad, you should be able to notice that and make them feel better. Talking can resolve all issues.

Packing with toddlers

Ask the toddlers to help with packing. They will be happy to help because they will feel useful and needed. Your toddlers should not feel that they are going to lose all their belongings. If you are decluttering, it is advisable that you do it when your toddlers are absent. Your move with toddlers will be much smoother if you allow them to pack some of their own things, such as toys and books. Additionally, ask your toddler to decorate the boxes. That will make them feel important. The transition will go smoother if you set up your child’s bedroom first in your new home. That will make the toddler feel safe and welcome. Allow your toddlers to unpack themselves because they will feel in control and they will appreciate the fact that they are handling their own possessions. There are also some moving tricks to make packing easier.

Keep your toddlers safe when packing

Move with toddlers, but keep them safe. They will want to explore as much as possible and they could hurt themselves during this process. Here are some tips to prevent any injuries:

  • Place heavy boxes in a safe location, so that your toddlers do not push them.
  • Seal and secure boxes which contain sharp of fragile objects.
  • Tools should not be kept accessible to children.
  • Secure heavy furniture like dressers or bookshelves so that toddlers do not hurt themselves.
  • When the moving day comes, find help. For example, you may hire a babysitter or a friend to take care of the toddler while you are finalizing the packing.

Prepare a bag with baby essentials for moving day

While packing your belongings, prepare a bag with baby essentials. This is mandatory for the moving day. Consider packing some things that will make your toddler feel safe, like a stuffed animal they sleep with, a pacifier, a blanket, a bottle, medications, and of course any other necessities for your diaper bag. Place all the essentials within your reach so that you do not have to search for them when you need them. Everything has to be easily accessible and this will help the transition go smoothly. You are moving to a new environment and your toddlers should have some things they recognize with themselves.

stuffed animal to ease the moe with toddlers

Take the stuffed animal of your toddlers choice with you and have it within reach at all times.

Remain calm at all times

Toddlers can feel your anxiety, so please make sure to remain calm. You will not make things better if you are stressed. Moving is stressful and toddlers pick up stressful feelings. Stay positive and optimistic and your toddlers will feel safe. Worrying can only worsen the whole experience and the adventure will turn into a disaster. If you are calm, your toddlers will be calm also. It is best to remain calm and be prepared for everything in advance.

a mother doing yoga to stay calm when the move with toddlers is necessary

Remain calm in order to ease the move.

Hire a moving company

In order to remain stress-free, you should better hire professionals to take care of your move. They will help you with packing and lifting heavy objects. This will allow you to focus on toddlers instead of worrying about logistics. There are many reliable moving companies, so do your research and find the best that fits your needs and your budget.  A moving company will make sure that you and your toddlers are happy and safe. Move with toddlers without having to worry about anything.