Miami unpacking guide – tips and tricks

After the long journey, you’re finally standing in your new Florida apartment. As it is, you are looking at a clutter of boxes and furniture, all just piled up and waiting. You must be struggling between exhaustion and excitement. Well, we are here to tell you that the hardest part is done – one final step left is unpacking. If you’re wondering where to start, here is a short guide to get you through this Miami unpacking task.

Effective and practical guide to Miami unpacking.

Make your Miami unpacking easy-going via proper organization and discipline.

Tips and tricks on how to plan out and do your Miami unpacking

We hope that you paid close attention on how you were packing in regards to labeling and categorizing. If you did, the pile of boxes in front of you should be neatly organized. As long as this is the case, unpacking will be a breeze. And the good thing is that even if you forgot, we’ve got your back. It might take a bit longer though but you’ll get there with a little help. So how about we get into it, step by step.

How long will your Miami unpacking adventure last?

The reason we start with this is that it is usually the main concern. Given that you just moved to sunny Florida and are looking to go out and explore it as soon as possible, you should spend as less time as possible inside. This is why you need to determine the best unpacking method to go with. There are two criteria to consider – the amount of stuff there is to unpack and whether there is anyone to assist you. Once established, you’ll be able to choose one of the following principles:

  • Self-unpacking. In cases where your did a self-move, this would probably be the best choice. You most likely don’t have that much stuff in this scenario. And best part – you would have all the time in the world to go about Miami unpacking whilst enjoying the sun and beaches.
  • Hiring a professional Miami moving company. In case you have a whole lot of furniture, appliances and other things, you might consider simply paying extra the movers you hired and having them unload and unpack. However, it all comes down to the budget you’ve set out for the relocation.
  • Asking friends for help. This would be the case when you are moving with someone – be that family, significant other or simply friends. And if that’s the deal, everyone needs to put in the work. However, you need to take charge and organize the unpacking process so that everything functions smoothly. As long as that is done, the entire process will be done in no time.

    Take control of your Miami unpacking by categorizing and delegating.

    Proper labeling of boxes and room by room distribution is the first essential step in unpacking.

Miami unpacking introduction steps

All those boxes in front of you might look like a whole lot of work, but trust us, when you get down to it, it’ll be a walk on the beach. First step would be to separate the boxes according with the rooms. This way you’ll have space to move around the place even if you don’t unpack everything on the same day. Remember that you are unpacking and decorating at the same time, so consider the fun to be had there as well. Once all the boxes have been allocated and organized, time to unpack the necessities:

  • Cleaning equipment. First thing you always do after moving in is to go through the cleaning process before all else. Consider that unpacking will also make a mess; so you should definitely have cleaning supplies at hand.
  • Day-to-day basics. Whether your Miami unpacking takes a day or a month, the primary commodities to secure should be sleeping essentials and personal hygiene.

Which room to unpack first is the next general concern when it comes to organizing your new home after the move. Rooms should always be unpacked in accordance with occupational significance. Our recommendation – unpack the most important rooms little by little. No point in wasting an entire day unpacking and arranging the kitchen while leaving the bathroom and bedroom/s completely unpacked.

Make sure to ensure the satisfcation of your basic needs.

The kitchen should be first on your Miami unpacking list.

Kitchen comes first

Unpacking involves spending a lot of energy. As such, it is important to have a way to re-charge, and other than sleeping, you will need food and cold beverages. And this is why the kitchen comes first when Miami unpacking.

To begin with, unpack and connect all the large appliances (oven, fridge, freezer, dish-washer etc.). Next step is organizing and filling out all the cupboards and shelves so that you know where everything is and goes. Bear in mind that smaller appliances which you do not use on a daily basis can wait. All you need is to make sure that you can have that morning coffee and make that most important meal of the day.

The need for a relaxing bath and pampering comes next

People usually underestimate unpacking the bathroom. Given that it is mostly set up, most people think little on the things needed for it. However, there are still things to consider here. Personal hygiene drawers and medicine cabinet are a must, not to mention that the bathroom should be cleaned thoroughly since you’ll need that long relaxing bath after a day of unpacking.

Securing a well-earned sleep should never be underestimated

Prioritize a comfortable sleep when unpacking.

You can’t give it your all without getting a proper rest.

As previously mentioned, one of the first things to unpack would be the necessities for sleeping. A mattress, pillow and blanket and you’re all set. However, after taking care of the kitchen and bathroom, time to get that big soft bed all set up. And while you’re doing that, you can also go about filling out all those closets with the boxes of wardrobe that are just sitting there and waiting.

The coup de grâce – unpacking the living room as

This is probably the most relaxing and fun step, given that the living room needs the most decorating and a minimal amount of simply unpacking. So grab a cold one out of the fridge, take a look around the room and visualize how the final product should look. Then you can go into slowly realizing the image you had in your mind. Furniture and appliances first, decorative items and memorabilia come after.

Make sure that the living room is all it can be.

Add that final touch by setting up your den of relaxation.

Post-move Miami unpacking decoration of your new real-estate

No matter how tempting it is to decorate and arrange everything at once, it is recommended to take one step and room at a time. You can start with a prioritized list of plans and purchases you would like to make. Also consider hiring an interior designer, depending on your budget, of course.

Plan out each room setup in your mind and start from there. Consider whether you want to go with colors or neutral tones? Changing the color of at least one wall can add a completely new look to your home. Also install an appropriate lighting system so as to create warm and modern environment. Breathe life into your new home by adding plants, flowers and colors. If your walls are neutral, think of some window dressing ideas that you may apply so as to make your new place look amazing. Focus on softness of your new home by adding some velvet colorful cushions and soft wool rugs.

If you are looking to save money, consider visiting some garage sales and second-hand shops. You may be surprised how many affordable quality items can be found in such places.

Once you complete what you have started, you will experience a sense of accomplishment. After all, you have finally made your new place feel like home and you have given it a personal touch.