Miami vs. New York – where to move?

Miami vs New York, a clash of titans. These behemoth cities both have a long list of pros and cons, and maybe a bit of good-natured rivalry. Both coastal cities, and both with a big reputation, though their reputations could not differ more if they tried. So it’s no wonder that the age-old question when considering Miami vs New York is – where to move? There’s a long-standing tradition of people moving from one city to another, and with a good reason. They’re both excellent cities, with excellent opportunities!

But you can’t live in them both at the same time. You have to decide which city suits you more, and which city helps you follow your dreams to their fullest extent. So, research them both, decide where your priorities lie and get to planning your dream move. Of course, don’t forget to stay healthy when moving – stress has serious consequences on your body. You don’t want to finally end up in your dream city only to spend months at the doctor’s office instead of enjoying it?

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When it comes to Miami vs. New York and wondering where to move, it’s important to consider which city will help your professional plans.

Where to move for the apartment of your dreams?

The housing situation in both cities is complex. New York’s famous for its astronomical prices and for bunking with roommates. Apartments for rent in New York are usually on the market for about two weeks before getting snatched up! And while Miami is better, it’s not that much better. Plus, affordable housing in Miami might also require a roommate, depending on your options. Though, you’d still be paying less than if you were a New Yorker! If you have specific housing desires, you should look into the apartment situation in both cities extensively before deciding where to move. Miami will accommodate it easier, that’s for sure. Hiring a realtor might be more expensive, but it might net you better apartment options.

New York is also infamous for it’s well made public transit – something Miami does not match. You don’t need a car in New York – not to mention parking is a nightmare to find anyway. You would need a car in Miami – but also, you would have a lot more options for using it in Miami. After all, there’s a lot of excellent Miami beaches within driving distance. If a car factors in any way in your decision of where to move, these are important things to keep in mind.

Where to move if you desire a lucrative career?

That depends on your career, of course. Are you organizing a business move? It’s important to look at what each city is offering. Not only that but what each city is demanding in return! Maybe you’ll instantly double your salary when you move to New York, but how much of that will be eaten by the astronomical renting prices or food prices? Or you’ll aim for the stars in Miami, but discover that Miami doesn’t have a large demand or any demand for your job?

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When considering Miami vs. New York, it’s okay if a career is your driving motivator in choosing where to move. But, consider what you’ll sacrifice along the way!

Of course, both cities are overflowing with opportunities. That’s just what happens when you have two booming coastal cities! You can build a flourishing business in Miami, and you can climb to the top in New York if you’re hardworking and courageous. But, think of the hidden costs and quality of life. What if you can only afford a shoe-box in the New York neighborhood you prefer? What if you need to live with roommates and you can’t stand roommates? Or, what if the Miami laid-back lifestyle seriously cramps your own style? Money isn’t everything – while yes, money is a lot, it should not the be all end all of your life.

Not only where to move, but how to move?

So you’ve made your decision. You’ve picked your favorite of the clashing titans, and you’ve committed. Now what? Now you figure out how to go about it all. Well, for one, you should consider hiring professional assistance for your move. Professionals simply know what they’re doing, and professionals like Heart Moving do their job with love.

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“Help! I’m overwhelmed by choices and shutting down as a result!”- something going through almost everyone’s mind when planning a move.

There’s always the temptation of throwing caution to the wind and doing it yourself. You reckon it would save you a lot of money right? Well, what you’ve failed to keep in mind is the hidden cost. Moving your home is not an easy job, and any money you think you’re saving you’ll actually just spend on rookie mistakes instead. Rookie mistakes like using garbage bags instead of boxes and having a clothes-explosion in your car, for example, or a lack of packing tips to help you along.

What can professionals do for you, anyway?

A true professional will have a wide array of services for you to pick from. They will give you an estimated price for your move, and work with you on your moving plan. You can pick between residential, commercial, and long distance relocation, based on your need, and a reputable moving company will ensure you have the best experience you can get. They’ll even pack you! Buying packing services is an excellent way to reduce your stress. Since they’re more informed than the average layman, there’s no risk of accidental missteps.

It can be difficult to decide what company to employ. After all, there are a lot of choices all claiming to be experts! Finding the right company to move you relies on research, and checking for certificates to make sure the company is not fraudulent. For example, if you decide to make the Big Apple your home, Heart Moving, NYC is a moving company that loves what it does and would love helping you. And even if you haven’t decided where to move yet, looking at your options early is always a  good thing.