Moving from Miami to Boca Raton – what’s to know?

moving from miami to boca raton

Even though they are pretty close to each other, many people have recently been moving from Miami to Boca Raton. Miami is a big city. It’s pretty popular among people across the country. In fact, it’s even famous all over the world. It has been in many movies so a lot of people can recognize it just by seeing its photo and its iconic buildings. It’s a pretty modern city and many people dream of living in Miami. So why are people moving from such a place to Boca Raton? What does Boca Raton have that Miami doesn’t?

Boca Raton

Boca Raton is a city on the coast. It’s much more known for being a vacation spot rather than a moving spot. A lot of people go to Boca Raton to catch some sun and swim in the ocean. It isn’t as popular as Miami though. Not many people from other countries visit it.

Boca Raton is an exotic city full of beautiful sandy beaches, young people and wild parties every night. You could say that this city never sleeps. Its beaches and streets are always full of people from all over the country. But Miami has even more people. So that’s a good enough reason to move to Boca Raton. Being surrounded by people is nice, but being surrounded by too many people isn’t. Both cities are multicultural which is a great environment for kids as they will be able to get familiar with the cultures.

Boca Raton is a city where a lot of job seekers go because the city started developing more over the last few years and there are many opportunities.

Boca Raton

Boca Raton.

Why Boca Raton?

Why Boca Raton when there are so many other cities around? Well, Boca Raton surely stands out among them. Boca Raton has 46 parks. Have in mind that this city isn’t very big. There are bigger cities. The city also has 4 miles of beautiful public beach, left in its natural state. Which is refreshing to see as many beaches have been commercialized to attract tourists from all over the world. The water is clean and there are a lot of diving spots you can visit and see unique fish and corals. The overall feel of the city is amazing and many people who visit it come back at least one more time. And the people who decide on moving from Miami to Boca Raton never want to go back.

Boca Raton vs Miami

  1. Neighborhoods – Boca Raton’s neighborhoods are much nicer than Miamis. From condos along stretches of sandy beaches to golf course-centered homes to mid-century family houses in Florida style. You have it all.
  2. Tax Rate – Boca has a low tax rate. This suits everyone even though taxes in Miami are pretty low.
  3. Economic growth – Boca Raton’s business has generated around 8,000 new jobs over the past five years.
  4. Education – Boca Raton is home to Florida Atlantic University, its largest university, plus smaller colleges Lynn University, Palm Beach State College, Everglades University and Digital Media Arts College. Not only that, but the high schools and middle schools are great too and there are many of them.
  5. Entertainment – There is a lot to do for entertainment in Boca Raton. From simple beach walks to wild parties. You can have it all.
  6. Traffic – Because the city is relatively small, there isn’t much traffic on the streets. Everyone is so used to walking because of the nice weather.
  7. Weather – both Miami and Boca have beautiful, warm, sunny weather.
  8. Art – Boca is a very artsy city. It’s welcoming to all people but especially the ones who want to express themselves.
  9. Cost of living – Boca is relatively expensive when it comes to buying real estate. So if you decide to try to move out of Boca Raton on a budget you might need to start saving up right away.

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    Boca has many good things and a good education system is one of them.

Boca has everything Miami has but in a smaller proportion. Exactly that is the reason why so many people are moving from Miami to Boca Raton.

Is Boca Raton family-friendly?

Many people wonder if Boca is family-friendly and the answer is yes. Even though you have wild parties on every corner and a lot of young people from all over the country, the city is pretty safe. It’s also a city that is well taken care of. It’s clean and tidy and all the houses look very nice which helps Boca’s aesthetic. We mentioned that Boca has many schools, you just need to find one. Plus the economic growth will just keep improving and one day, you and your children will live a stable life. It’s one of the best cities to live in Florida. Especially if you have a family.

Moving from Miami to Boca Raton?

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There will be no need for adjustment as Boca is practically a much smaller and much calmer Miami. Miami is pretty wild and it’s always filled with tourist. There is a lot of traffic. People work a lot which means there is a lot of traffic on the streets. Both Miami and Boca are very expensive. So moving there won’t bring back any big amounts of money. And both of these cities are very clean. But Miami has a problem because it is so big and there are so many tourists everywhere so it tends to get messier quickly.


Miami is very luxurious.


If you are thinking about going away from home you must take this city into consideration. Especially if you are moving from Miami to Boca Raton. Boca is pretty fun and it’s basically a smaller Miami which is great for Miami residents as you will know how to behave right immediately. No need to adjust or try to fit in.