Tips for moving from Miami to Hollywood, Florida

Moving from Miami to Hollywood is challenging. Follow our tips and make it easier

First of all, do not mix it with Hollywood in California. Hollywood in Florida was founded in the early 20th century, and after that, the city rapidly grew. The city is centrally located on Florida’s east coast. Now it has about 60 parks, 7 golf courses, sandy beaches, a lot of shops, restaurants, and bars too. The average annual high temperature is 83 degrees and low temperature is 68 degrees. Moving from Miami to Hollywood can be so interesting. Think well, find local movers, and go. If you have any doubts and you are looking for some tips, this article could help you. Most of the people are afraid of change. Don’t you know how to deal with moving stress or depression? Every beginning is hard. But, the good thing is Miami and Hollywood are so close. You can visit your friends and family whenever you want.

Water Tank. Moving from Miami to Hollywood is challenging. From a big city to small

Welcome to Hollywood, Florida

Are you moving from Miami to Hollywood? Although they are near each other, there are some differences

Miami is a chaotic city. There are various gatherings, events. It is like a center of the world, something is constantly happening, it is crowded and loud. When you are moving from Miami to Hollywood, expect it to be a little bit different. But, the difference does not mean bad. Hollywood is a little quieter, smaller and it has fewer people too, but it’s interesting as well. It has a population of 152000, and Miami has about 455000. Hollywood has beautiful beaches like Miami. Maybe, the most important thing is, that the Hollywood is cheaper. Restaurants, drinks, bars are cheaper. Think about that, because you can save money. And, the good thing is they are close, so water and air temps are about the same. South Beach is much more partying, than Hollywood Beach.

Finding a place to live

Condo vs House - which one is for you?

Is a house more for you or maybe a condo? Summarize your needs and choose

The first thing to do is buying/renting house or apartment. These are some tips how to choose a right place. The median household income is $46,500.

  • Hiring a real estate agentThe first step, find a good real estate agent. Be aware, because there are a lot of scams.
  • Condo vs house – What do you prefer more? Condo or house? Try something new and make some compromises. If you want to save money, for example, find a roommate. Moving from Miami to Hollywood does not have to be expensive. Just be creative.
  • Decide how much space you need – Don’t pay the space you don’t really need. Decide how many bedrooms and bathrooms do you need, and also how many squares. If you have a dog, the house will be a probably better choice for you and your dog.
  • Neighborhood – choose a neighborhood that is close to your job of school. And of course, to be in your price range
  • Furnished or not – If you have your own stuff and furniture, then you should looking for an empty home.
  • The garage – Do you have a car or tools? If the answer is yes, then you will probably need a garage.

Finding a job and costs of living in Hollywood, Fl

The unemployment rate is 4.7%, with job growth of 1.2%. Future job growth over the next ten-eleven years is predicted to be about 37%. Hollywood is growing so fast, so take a chance and move there. You can also start your own business, and be what you really want to be. It is the ideal place to open or relocate your business.In one word, Hollywood is a business-friendly destination. The income per capita is $26,200. Sales tax rate is 6% and income tax is 0%. To operate a business there, you need to apply for and obtain a local business tax receipt. The costs of living are lower than Miami, for sure. Most of the population in Hollywood is engaged in retail trade, health care, and social assistance, and behind them are science, food service, and arts too.

Looking for job? It is hard, but maybe moving will change your life

Can’t you find a job? Maybe moving to Hollywood will solve your problems. Keep looking.

Hollywood beach

It is a perfect place for a beach vacation. There are plenty of oceanfront hotels and resorts. Miami beach is a little bit louder and there are more people. But, if you want real vacation and quiet, then the Hollywood beach is a place for your holiday. You can also find unique shopping, beachfront restaurants, and bars. Moving from Miami to Hollywood is something new, although these two cities are close. 

Attractions in Hollywood

Maybe, you are thinking “What can I do in Hollywood?”. There are a plenty of things to do, with your family, friends or alone as well. Even though it’s smaller than Miami.

  • Art and Culture Center of Hollywood – there are galleries, stage performances of shows, and concerts too.
  • Anniversary Park – It is in the downtown area. A great place for children and adults.
  • ArtsPark at Young Circle – There are events such as musical performances, fountains, public art pieces and many others.
  • Downtown Hollywood Mural Project – If you love arts, this is a place you must see.
  • Hollywood Hot Glass – Maybe you didn’t know, but Hollywood is the home of long and illustrious glassblowing tradition. You can also even take a glass blowing class here.
  • Hollywood Broadwalk –  One of the best beach boardwalks. The boardwalk stretches for over 2 miles, with a lot of bars.
  • Waterfront restaurants – In Hollywood, you are never far from the beach. Because of that, the city has a huge number of restaurants that are located right on the waterfront. You can try Turkish, Greek, to Argentinean cuisine.

We hope this article helped you to learn something new about Hollywood. Moving from Miami to Hollywood can be difficult, but it is interesting as well. Find a real estate agent, choose a new place to live. Find a new job or start your own business. And the best thing is, you are in Miami whenever you want to.