Moving to the Sunshine State – simple guide

Palm trees in Florida in sunset

If you are moving to the Sunshine State, you are one of the lucky ones. What comes to your mind when you hear Sunshine State? Probably as the word says it itself, sunshine. When there is sunshine everything seems better. So, why not do the logical thing and move to a state better known as the Sunshine State. You are correct, we are talking about Florida. It wasn’t hard to guess it. Miami is a synonym for sunshine. One of the main reasons why people from all over the world are starting their life here is that summer lasts all year long. So, when relocating to another part of the country be ready for warm weather and happier people. More sun definitely means more joy.

Moving to the Sunshine State makes a lot of sense

Gorgeous Miami

Moving to Sunshine State

So many reasons for moving to the Sunshine State. First would be that warm weather that Florida has during the whole year. You don’t even have to have long pants in your wardrobe, that is how warm it is for the whole year. Since it is that warm, next logical thing that you should do every single time you have free time, is to go to the beach. Miami is filled with breathtaking beaches. So, yes one of the best reasons to start a life in Florida would definitely be warm weather and beaches, so many beaches.

Healthier lifestyle

By living in sunbathed Florida, you will most likely change your lifestyle. Once you start living there, you will notice that most of the people, at least the ones who are living there are really fit. They eat healthier and they do a lot of sports activities. So many beaches are allowing them to have a better lifestyle. They have normal jobs just us the rest of us, from nine to five, but it is different when after your hard-working day, you can go and relax on the beach. Soak up the sun and swim. Not to mention that every weekend you will feel as you are on a vacation. Also, since all year long it feels like summer you will eat as it is summer. There is no need for that heavy winter food that we consume when it’s cold outside. So, it is all pretty much in your favor.

A women running in sunset

Being active is easier when you live in Florida

Other activities

It all comes down to a nice weather. We can repeat that as a parrot and it is still true. There is such a number of things that you can do if the weather is nice. So, let’s mention a huge attraction in Florida. Amusement park. The amusement park in Orlando attracts a huge number of people almost every day of the week. There is a reason for that. You can check out the sea world, Disney world and most importantly a Museum, where you can go so many years into the past. This is very popular amongst parents who want their children to have fun and learn at the same time. Next thing that you can do without children, of course, is in beer. Florida has a beer like you have tried before. Can you think of something better right now, then being on a beach at sunset with a cold beer in your hand? Didn’t think so.

Is it really always warm?

People are always wondering if it’s possible to live somewhere where is warm all the time, no snow, no rain. Well, we can promise you the no snow part. However, when it comes to rain, it is completely normal and on some hand desirable to have a rainy day here and there. When it starts raining in Florida it usually lasts only for a couple of hours and then it stops and it seems as it was never falling in the first place. Moving to the Sunshine State still means that you are in fact moving to one of the warmest places ever. You won’t mind a little rain here and there, you may even like it, especially the weather after the rain. Keep in mind that even though it rains sometimes it is still warm. So, when there is no thunder you can even go for a swim while it’s raining. Such a great experience.

A sandy beach

There are so many beaches to choose from

Is it expensive to live in Florida?

It may really be expensive to live in Florida, especially if you would like to live in Miami. A lot of wealthy, famous people live there. However, this is nothing to worry about, if you have enough money, of course, you will buy or rent an apartment in Miami, there is no reason not to. However, there are places that you can check out even if you are not in some great financial situation. There are in fact some places where you can find a great condo, or a house, or an apartment to buy or for rent. Most affordable places are:

  • Palm Bay
  • Orlando
  • Kissimmee
  • Palm Coast

And there are even more affordable places, these are only a few of the examples. So, you can start packing your bags and start looking forward to those warm days. For more information about moving, you can visit a website of a good moving company like

Moving to the Sunshine State can be such a great decision to make. Enjoying swimming, sunbathing, cold beer, and so many great activities that you can have in beautiful Florida. Just think about how even on the working days you can go down to the beach and relax. That only should be a reason enough to move to this beautiful state. Moving to the Sunshine State should be the easiest decision you have ever made.