How to organize your big family relocation in Miami?

Having a big family is a blessing in many ways. You always have someone to talk to, and someone to rely on or to seek help if you need it. Unfortunately, when it comes to moving, having a big family creates lots of problems. All of a sudden you have too much to think about and too many things to complete. And you still need to take care of your loved ones. It’s not an easy process to complete. However, there are some things you can do, and that will help you to organize your big family relocation in Miami or anywhere else. Just be sure to read what is written below and you’ll have no problems.

Plan your move to the details

From the start, you should know that moving requires lots of planning if you want it to go smoothly. However, it’s even more difficult to organize your big family relocation as you have all these additional factors. Don’t get us wrong, basic things like deciding on a moving day, making the moving checklist, finding the movers and setting a budget are all still there. But, now you have a few more of them.

For starters, be sure to adjust the plans with the members of your family. Inform all of them about everything as soon as you start thinking about relocating. Hear them out and be sure to discuss anything that can be troublesome or important in the future.

If you have kids, and all the chances are that you do since you have a big family, be sure to include them in the whole thing. Your children may find the move much more difficult than you do. That is why it is so important to include them so they feel as they are part of the process rather than a burden.

Man thinking about how to organize your big family relocation.

Planing is one of the most important things when you’re trying to organize your big family relocation.

Decide on the perfect moment

Deciding on the ideal time is the most important aspect of the move. On the other hand, it is also one of the most difficult things to get straight when you’re doing a big family relocation in Miami. The problem is that time has to work for everyone. And many factors can influence your decision. You need to think about

  • How soon you will have to change a job
  • When you need to leave an old house
  • When is your move-in day
  • Children go to school so it’s better to move during a recess
  • How much a move in the peak of the season will cost

As you can see, there are many things to consider before you start transporting your household items anywhere in Miami. So be sure to communicate with your family constantly and plan as much ahead as you can. If you can afford some flexibility it can help you a lot.

Organize your big family relocation – Important tips

As we already mentioned, it’s a little bit trickier to organize this kind of move compared to the standard procedure. However, it’s possible to manage everything by having a comprehensive moving checklist. Also, be sure to make an inventory of all of your belongings so you know what exactly are you going to move.

After all of this is done, the time has come to hire your Florida movers. Be sure to book them as soon as you can as you will save a good chunk of money that way. After that, the only thing that is left to do is to take care of all the paperwork and get all the packing supplies. However, don’t forget that you still need to coordinate the moving preparations with your family.

To do list on the notebook.

Having a checklist and following it will massively help you with all the things you have to think about.

Keep the fun throughout the preparation process

Since every big family naturally has a lot of possessions, decluttering was always a big problem when you’re trying to organize your big family relocation in Miami. The reasons for decluttering are simple, the fewer things you bring with you – the less you’ll pay for the move. Therefore be sure to go through all of your stuff and bring with you only the things that you use. You can look into eco-friendly moving tips to learn how exactly you should get rid of the stuff you don’t need anymore.

Keep your kids entertained with games

It’s pretty safe to say that there are no easy relocations in Miami, so you know what you can expect. Every move here brings its own set of challenges and overcoming them depends on your mindset and attitude. So, if you have to do all of these tasks, why wouldn’t you make them fun? Our professionals from have thaught us of some games that you can play with your children. 

There is a game that is called seek and find. Ask your kids to find all of the out-of-season things or any other specialty item that lies somewhere around the house. You can make packing go much faster by engaging your kids also. Make a race and let’s say that the first one who packs all of its toys gets a reward of some kind. You can do this for any other type of item. If it isn’t fragile, of course.

Kid playing with a dinosaur.

Present a moving process to the kids as a game and they will love it and enjoy it.


In the end, there’s not much left to say. It’s possible to organize your big family relocation in Miami by following the tips above. However, it’s advisable to hire a reliable moving company to help you with this task. It’s just so you don’t end up overwhelmed and broken after the move is done. You’ll take a lot of weight of your back and you just may be able to perform a stress-free move that we all dream about.