Small apartment design ideas – Miami edition

Small apartment design ideas - Miami edition

Tiny living and small living spaces are very trendy in the USA these days. While some can’t imagine living in the limited space, it is easy to see the appeal for smaller apartments. Let’s just take the costs of utilities that are at least triple for the big apartments and houses. These small apartment design ideas can make your home much more comfortable for living. You can be very creative and make your place look much bigger than it really is.

Small apartments market in Miami

You may be surprised, but Miami actually has a lot of available small apartments and tiny houses on its market. The Americans are accepting this global trends and deciding to go smaller when the housing is in question.
Since living costs vary across the states, when moving nationwide, more and more Americans are deciding to live at the cities of their dreams at the smaller apartment.

People put the quality of life prior to fancy and big apartments. Small apartments cost less, the costs for utilities are much lower, they are easier for maintenance, and there is always the demand for them in the rental market. If you decide at any moment that you need something bigger, you can rent your small apartment on a monthly or daily bases in no time.

Why are small apartments so popular in Miami?

Miami is the city that has it all. Gorgeous beaches, beautiful nature and wildlife, an abundance of activities and entertainment options, amazing nightlife. It also provides the great employment opportunities as well as affordable living expenses.

It’s no wonder why many are moving to Miami. Size of the apartment isn’t such a relevant factor for many, because, in the capital of the Sunshine State, you mostly live outside. It is the true Miami lifestyle. After they finish with their work, residents of Miami are relaxing at the beach, hiking and exploring the astonishing nature or enjoying in many fun activities that this city has to offer. That is the main reason why people don’t mind living in the smaller apartments. As long as they are in Miami.
If you are considering moving to Miami, think about how will you feel living in the small apartment instead of a big one. When you make your final decision, contact Best Movers in Florida and make arrangements for your relocation.

Small apartment design ideas

A small apartment can look better than the five-bedroom house. It all comes down to your taste and sense style, creativity and knowing the tricks for decorating small spaces.

Open it up with mirrors

Mirrors are making any space visually larger. Hanging them around your small apartment will make it look much bigger, open and airy. Multiple mirrors have a dramatic impact on the room, plus they reflect all light in the room.

Put a lot of mirrors into your small apartment.

Mirrors reflect their surrounding, making it visually larger.

The lightning

Tall ceilings and big windows give any living room the feel that is bigger and more spacious than it is. If your small apartment doesn’t have these features, play with the lightning that will have the same effect. The key is to use layered lighting. Keeping light at multiple levels creates a moody yet well-lit room.

Buy a big rug

A large rug makes a small apartment to feel much bigger than it actually is.

Choose the light colors

Avoid dark shades for your walls and furniture. The brighter colors will make your living space more open and visually bigger. The white color is the best for the foundation because then you can add details in the colors of your choosing. The lighter colors will also reflect the light, while the darker colors absorb them, making the small space even smaller.

Use light colors for your small apartment.

Lighter colors will make your small apartment more fresh and open.

Have your furniture custom made

When every inch is important, ordering the custom-made furniture is the way to go. Furniture that is made by the exact measures of your living space will be more functional in the small apartment.

Keep things linear

Try implementing varying linear and geometric prints. These prints will give a small apartment a sense of structure, and at the same time provides the illusion of additional length and width.

Big closets

Lack of the storing space is the problem of every little flat. That’s why you need to use every inch of the available space. The best way to get more storing options without cluttering every corner is the big closets that are covering the entire wall.

Make the best of strange angles

If your apartment has awkward angles, use the feature wall to draw the focus from them. For example, a bold floral wallpaper will pull the attention to the seating area, and the strange angles won’t be in the spotlight.

Floor to ceiling draperies

The quickest way to add instant height to any space is by putting the long draperies. Hang them from right around where your wall meets your ceiling and let them slightly puddle on the ground.

Put long curtains in your small apartment

Long curtains will make your ceiling look higher than it really is.

Keep it simple

When you don’t have a lot of space to play with but you want to inject some color, it’s best to keep it simple. Start with a foundation of neutrals and add in feature colors that match.

Don’t overlook underused spots

Windows sills are a great place to put work holding books, plants, and other decorative objects.

Make it your own

Your small apartment can be the most beautiful in the entire world, but that doesn’t mean anything if you don’s feel comfortable in it. When you are at your apartment, you need to feel like you are at your home. You have to have a sense that it belongs to you. The best way to do that is to personalize it. Choose the colors and furniture that you like, not the ones that are popular at the moment.