How to stay healthy when moving

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Getting sick or injured is costly. It costs you time and it cost you energy. The two things you will especially need when moving. Well here are a few tips on how to keep your mind clear, energy up and generally stay healthy when moving.

Get healthy habits

All of the healthy habits should ideally be implemented months before the actual move. If that’s not possible, start right away. But if it is possible, the sooner the better. Our bodies are temples and should be treated as such.


The first thing to do is to start eating right. No, we are not talking about going on a slim-fit diet and starving yourself for weeks. Don’t worry. We are talking about thinking about what you eat and starting to reap the benefits of healthy living. Start with eliminating sweats, soft drinks, candy, and bread. You don’t have to go 100% sugar-free right away, but try gradually lowering your sugar intake. If you are used to eating and drinking a lot of sugar your body will give you cravings for it when you start eliminating it.

Don’t try to “punish” yourself and eat no sugar. Just understand that it is really bad for you, and the craving you feel is just hormones giving you bad information. In time the cravings will go away. Start eating meats and vegetables. Having a big breakfast will give you good hormonal balance which will make crave less for unhealthy sweets. Once the move comes, start eating small meals but often. A big meal increases our insulin and tends to make us feel sleepy. Small meals will keep you energized and not needing an energy boost that you normally look for in sugar.

Meat and vegetables on grill

Just because something helps you stay healthy when moving, doesn’t mean that it’s not delicious.


Your mind influences your body, and your body influences your mind. It’s a two-way street. By getting your body in shape you will help yourself be both mentally and physically prepared for moving day. Start training. Something. Anything. Get yourself moving. As with diet, you don’t have to start big. Start slowly with something that seems fun. You are not supposed to torture yourself into training. It should feel like a fun activity. If you are not sure what to do there are a lot of good training instruction online that you can follow. Just be consistent.

Try to do a little every day, and you will soon see how your body will desire more. During the move, try and do some stretching every day. It will help you decrease the stress level and breathe more freely. Especially if you have lifted heavy objects during that day, you will need to relax your muscles in order to avoid unnecessary fatigue. Some gymnastics every morning and a bit of yoga in the evening can go a long way.

Stay healthy when moving by running.

A little bit of training can do you a world of good.


Breathing is a part of everyday living which we usually don’t think about. But, there are ways in which we can use breathing to relax and get in touch with our bodies. Deep breathing exercises can help you unwind and calm your mind after a stressful day. Luckily there are a lot of guides online on how to do these exercises.


Avoiding injury should never be overlooked. Many people tend to lose themselves in hustle and bustle of moving and get sick and injured in the hurry of the move. Careful preparations and smart decisions when packing can save you from unwanted setbacks and help you stay healthy when moving.

Moving equipment

There is only so much you can do with just hands and arms. To avoid injuries and unnecessary fatigue you should consider getting moving equipment. If you know someone that has moved recently, try asking them to borrow theirs. Some belt and harness can go a long way toward helping you avoid injury when lifting heavy objects. Also, ask friends a family to help you out as much as they can.

Safety clothing

To avoid slipping and dropping heavy objects you should invest in some safety clothing. Some working boots and gloves can save you from cuts, bruises and even broken feet and fingers. Slippery hands drastically increase the risk of getting injured. Get working gloves and get good boots. Be smart about this if you want to stay healthy when moving.

Working gloves

Every house should have a pair of these

Proper technique when lifting

If you are new at lifting heavy things it’s easy to do it wrong. Proper technique when lifting is just as import as strength. It’s not uncommon to see strong people getting burned out quickly if they don’t know what they are doing. Using your legs to lift and keeping your back straight will keep you in balance and help you avoid straining your back and getting your arms too tired. Don’t rush when manipulating heavy objects. Take your time and rest when you feel too tired to stay in control of the situation and avoid moving injuries.

Reduce stress if you want to stay healthy when moving

Moving the number 3 most stressful thing that happens to a person. There will, of course, be stress involved when you move, but there are ways in which you can reduce it to a manageable level.

Get enough sleep

If you want to stay healthy when moving sleeping is your best friend. Try getting into the habit of going to bed at the same time and getting up in the morning at the same time. Our bodies like routine and you will soon feel more energized if you have a regular sleeping pattern. What you eat, how you train and how you sleep all affect one another. A good nights sleep will help you feel more energized which will give you more incentive to train and will keep your sugar craving in check. If, on the other hand, you eat to much sugar and don’t train you will have a surplus of energy and your body won’t rest enough. Avoid caffeine and sugar as much as you can until you get your sleeping right.

Girl sleeping in nature.

Sleep can hardly be overestimated.

Plan and organize

Planning and organizing everything will help you feel more in control which will reduce your anxiety. Just remember that complete control is not possible and that you should always leave room for mistakes. Consider hiring professionals to help you. Reduced stress will be well worth the money spent.