Taking Care of Your Storage Unit

Colorful storage units.

The whole point of using a storage facility is knowing your belongings are safe and sound. They should be ready for use when needed. Otherwise, they should stay in their original condition. However, as storage units are only used for storage, they are seldom visited. It is easy to overlook them when considering the maintenance of your home. You should really try to avoid this as taking care of your storage unit equals taking care of your belongings stored there. Here are some tips and hints on the subject.

Problems you may have when taking care of your storage unit

There are several problems that can occur when taking care of your storage unit. These include:

  • Inadequate security and the value limits on storage space make it risky to store your valuables this way.
  • Mold as a result of neglect or an inadequate facility.
  • Over- or under-estimating the size of the storage space can become a problem. With the former, you will end up paying more than necessary for storage. On the other hand, if you choose a smaller space, it will get overcrowded.
  • An inappropriate climate that ends up destroying some of your more sensitive things.

One of the main self-storage tips: pick the right company

Choosing the right company for storage will determine how much work taking care of your storage unit you will have to do yourself. An ideal company would offer appropriate security and satisfying insurance if you decide to store something of value. Furthermore, their storage units should offer a controlled climate. At the very least, they should offer the option for you to supply air conditioning of some sort. Any vents or even windows, if they are properly sealed, would be a plus. Finally, the closer and more convenient to visit it is, the more you are likely to actually take good care of it.

Keeping it clean and dry

One of the main tips for using rental storage units is to keep it as clean as you can. Even more important is to keep it dry. Dryness is paramount in preventing the development of mold. No hacks for how to organize a storage unit will help if your belongings aren’t completely dry when you store them. Even the slightest moisture on one item can be an excellent breeding ground for mold. Once mold occurs, it will quickly spread to the rest of your stored goods. Hence, when you’ve decided what goes in your storage, make sure you clean it and dry it before you put it in your unit.

A window with condensation.

Making sure your belongings are dry when you store them will prevent any mold from appearing.

Simple DIY tips for taking care of your storage unit

There are some hacks for keeping your belongings whole that won’t break the bank. Firstly, make sure your things aren’t stored on the concrete floor of your unit. If there are no shelves, wrap your boxes in a plastic wrap and then a blanket. That will keep them dry. Secondly, you can make your own desiccant bags using silica gel or charcoal which will collect any existing moisture. Thirdly, you can install a vapor barrier around the walls of the unit. And finally, you may want to invest in a strong padlock.

Keeping water out is important when using a storage unit

Even if you do your best to ensure all of your things are dry when you leave them in your storage unit, it doesn’t mean that they will stay this way. Leaks cannot only cause mildew, but they can simply just ruin your things by drenching them. Make sure all of the existing windows or doors are appropriately sealed. There should be no other way for water to get in either. Most people do not visit their storage units too often, so once you notice that there is a leak, it is already too late.

Beware of rodent infestations when using a storage unit

Choosing a reputable storage company will help with this as well, but it’s good to be on the lookout for any signs of vermin. Experts say to beware of storage units that are located near dumpsters or other commercial locations that might attract rodents. The cleanliness of the facility will probably tell you a lot about whether or not this is something the company takes regular care of. Enquiring whether they have a standing contract with a pest extermination service would not be out of line.

A rat peeking from under a blanket.

Make sure your storage company regularly hires exterminators to keep your things safe from rodents.

How to pack and organize a storage unit of the right size

As mentioned above, people often choose a storage facility of inadequate size. Selecting the right facility for you requires some planning. Since people usually use their storage facilities for things they don’t necessarily need often, it would be a good idea to be ruthless when deciding what to keep and store and what to throw away. The most common mistake people make is not to have any kind of selection process. They chuck it all inside their storage unit and forget about it. Choosing what stays and what goes can actually turn out to be a money-saver when moving, as you will only be paying for space you really need.

On the other hand, you might underestimate your storing needs. This isn’t good as well for a variety of reasons. The main one is that it will be very difficult to find your way inside your unit when you end up needing something. In addition, overcrowded facilities are more likely to develop mold or get dirty. Considering the size will help you know which storage unit you should rent.

piggy bank and coins because taking care of your storage unit can save you a few dollars if you make a plan

Choosing the right size of your storage unit can actually help you save money.

Taking care of your storage unit – a summary

Hopefully, you will consider these helpful tips when you need storage for moving. It may seem like there are many things to consider, but really all it boils down to is choosing the right facility and then making sure your stored belongings are dry and clean. Taking care of your storage unit turns out to be a must.