The Best Colleges in Miami – Choose your Career Path

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If you already decided to pursue your studies in Miami, all the odds are you are actually driven by the idea of living in this beautiful city. And there’s nothing wrong with your reasoning! It truly is amazing living in Miami. There are beautiful beaches, museums, inviting shopping areas and the hectic downtown full of exciting cultural events. But you should also know that some of the best colleges in Miami may be just around the corner and waiting for you to discover the endless possibilities they offer.

If you really seek to attain a quality degree which would allow you to move to Miami and choose a career path in, you need to get useful info on the opportunities for quality education in this area. Good news is – you are at the right place! Miami is not all about beaches, shopping, and entertainment. There are actually some really good colleges you can attend. A variety of degree programs allows you to choose a course of studies that best suits your needs. If Miami is your choice, you will have no problems training for your future dream job.

How to pick a college that suits your needs

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The first step is to choose a college that suits your needs.

First of all, you need to have a vision of the line of work you are interested in. How do you see yourself in the future? Are you a people-oriented extrovert or a computer geek? Is practicing sports an important part of your everyday agenda? Would you rather find a recluse place surrounded by eye soothing nature where you can read your favorite book without interruptions? The choice of a Miami college that really suits your needs depends on the sort of person you are. However, there are some practical aspects you ought to consider regardless of your personal preferences.

Practical aspects you need to consider when looking for the best colleges in Miami

Being practical primarily means calculating the overall costs of education. Undergraduate studies usually take 3-4 years to complete and these student days may strain your budget badly. Think about the possible ways to obtain a scholarship. Most colleges offer scholarships, especially for undergraduates with athletic achievements. You should also take into consideration the facilities within the university. They affect the quality of everyday activities on campus, as well as a personal impression of the place you are bound to spend several years of your life. That aside, degree programs are probably crucial in making the final decision. A study program you choose will likely determine your career path in the future. You really need to think twice before you opt for a specific degree program. To sum up, here are the practical aspects you need to have in mind in the decision-making process:

  • affordability
  • location
  • degree programs
  • facilities
  • athletic achievements

According to these criteria and personal experiences of ex-students who have shared them with their future colleagues, we made a list of the best colleges in Miami, more precisely, top 5 colleges of our choice.

Top 5 colleges in Miami

University of Miami

With a variety of colleges within the university, including College of Arts and Sciences, College of Engineering, the School of Law and different online programs, University of Miami offers dynamic and stimulating courses in perfectly equipped facilities on campus. It is one of the best colleges in Miami for a good reason. The facilities include the Libraries, Career Center, Patti & Allan Herbert Wellness Center and many other which make student life enjoyable in every aspect. However, the facilities and organization around the athletic teams are the ones that are truly impressive. The athletic teams of the University of Miami compete in numerous championships and achieve notable results. Thanks to the generosity of its donors, the University of Miami has world-class stadiums and gyms and superbly organized Hurricane Club, which offers truly professional experience for student-athletes.

Florida International University

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FIU has a number of athletic teams competing in NCAA

From philosophy to business administration, FIU offers more than 200 bachelor’s, masters and doctoral programs. Award-winning faculty members teach courses in well-equipped classrooms and study rooms. Their tutoring and advising provide invaluable support in the course of studies. The personalized approach means a world to freshmen who need time to adapt. Florida International University also takes pride in the number of athletic teams in NCAA, 18 of them overall. Student-athletes have the luxury of using top-notch facilities, such as Riccardo Silva Stadium, Aquatic Center and Infinity Insurance Park which can host up to 2,000 spectators per game.

Barry University

Prestigious in every sense, Barry University in Miami Shores was voted one of America’s Top Colleges by Forbes Magazine three years in a row. There are over 100-degree programs, covering arts and sciences, business, medical sciences, law and many other fields of interest. The University also offers the possibility of an internship in some of the top companies and organizations in America. As for technology resources, the Division of Information Technology provides tools and support to both students and faculty members and the Mosignor William Barry Library is equipped with 56 computers and a vast research collection with films and online resources available on demand.

Nova Southeastern University

Nova Southeastern University also ranks among top national universities in 2018. With a small number of students per class and state-of-the-art technology, it is renowned for its research centers. Undergraduates have the opportunity to participate in the fields of research such as medicine, oceanography, psychology, dentistry and many others. The personalized approach to students and competitive programs provide an excellent starting point for a future career. Courses aim at practical knowledge and research in high demand fields.

Miami Dade College

Graduation - best colleges in Miami follow the tradition

Miami Dade College cherishes diversity.

The Miami Dade College is one of the best colleges in Miami. The variety of programs covers fields such as industry and construction, health sciences, public safety, engineering, and business. MDC takes pride in accessible quality higher education which cherishes diversity and democracy. Available programs also focus on community engagement and aim at training students in practical skills. The purpose of these skills is to facilitate students’ way to a professional career.