Tips for New Yorkers Retiring in Florida

A couple of elderly people holding hands and walking.

Let us be fair, retirement nowadays is a new beginning for elderly couples. It allows them to start a new chapter in their life, enjoy the fruits of their labor and make the best of their free time. Lots of couples decide to move to a place that is more suitable for their enjoyment after retirement. Many try to run away from big cities like New York to start a more peaceful life in a peaceful place. As most of the people, New Yorkers usually tend to retire in Florida. So what could be our tips for New Yorkers retiring in Florida?

Pick your place and make retiring in Florida

First, try to be realistic and gather some facts. Some facts can be offputting but Florida has many pros to offer:

  • Florida is not really the sunny state we all call it. Hurricane season covers almost half a year in Florida. Aside from that, it has a very warm and sunny climate ideal for lounging at the beach.
  • It has many dangers which are very common in Florida but very uncommon to non-Floridians. Rats, alligators, pythons, and panthers are some dangers that are present almost every day in Florida. If you are moving there you have to get used to it – Floridians have.
  • It’s more expensive than other states due to problems with flooding, termites and other risks that make insurance pricier. However, homes are more affordable in Florida than in most of the US and offer good value for money.
Some banknotes and coins you will have to save for the rainy day when retiring in Florida.

Under certain conditions, living in Florida can be expensive.

  • It also has lower taxes, so in the long run, it can be cheaper to live there.
  • Florida is a popular tourist destination so it can be crowded in tourist centers and beachfront.
  • It has a wide range of diversities to offer so research different parts of Florida.

Diversity of Florida and your needs

Well, our first association with Florida always seems to be Miami or the Florida Keys. However, most people can find plenty of great cities and towns in Florida to settle down in their new home. When retiring, most people tend to seek out a quiet place that suits their needs and preferences. But not all. Some have a more dynamic lifestyle, some want to continue working to some degree, its all about your personal preference. Where you will go is up to you so do your research. Miami and The Keys are good for people with a dynamic lifestyle or the ones that prefer lounging and basking in the sun.  Orlando is a tourist hotspot and can be a bit crowded. Sarasota can be peaceful and suitable for people who want to take it slow and enjoy playing golf or a bridge party.

Figurines of an elderly couple sitting on a bench.

Explore all your options and then make a decision where in Florida to retire.

Plan and organize your move

Moving is always a complex endeavor but keep in mind that it is more complex the older you get. So it requires a lot of o planning and an early start. You have to plan the perfect time to move. You also can’t afford for it to last too long. That said, you need to ask for outside help. Consult the internet on what you should do.

If you are downsizing you will be forced to declutter, give away or sell what you don’t need. Belongings that you can’t take with you can be put into storage for safekeeping. You will have to securely pack and prepare your belongings for a long haul. If you don’t know what and how to do, ask for help online and consult with others. Prepare yourself to hire professionals!

Why professionals?

Moving to Florida from New York is a long-distance move. It can be stressful and you have to plan it accordingly for everything to go smoothly and relieve stress. You should not try to do it yourself. You should hire professionals to make sure your belongings are protected. Hiring a professional moving company can relieve much of the burden of moving. You should do extensive research into moving companies, try to negotiate good deals, analyze the services they provide, insurance they are prepared to make to protect your things. To make moving easy try to:

  • Hire a reputable moving company
  • Make sure it provides packing service
  • Make sure it can be fast and efficient and within your time frame
  • Be sure that it provides insurance or extra insurance for valuables and artwork
  • Hire the one that will take special care of your valuables and art

A good moving company will save you time, relieve moving stress, it will protect your belonging and make settling in a new Florida home easier.

Tips for New Yorkers retiring in Florida

So moving from New York is a big change. Moving anywhere for retirement in old age can be problematic. You must be prepared for it and you have to try and adjust. Florida for retiring elderly people seems to be a good solution, a popular one at least, so try to research it and prepare for it as best you can.

  1. Research Florida and find a place that suits you.
  2. Try to find a perfect home for you
  3. Take care of the move professionally (make sure your belongings are protected)
  4. Do it fast and stress-free with a professional mover.
  5. Enjoy your new life in your Florida paradise.
An elderly couple dancing tango cheek to cheek.

Find joy and full life in Florida when you retire.

Final thoughts on useful tips for New Yorkers retiring in Florida

Once there, you will be free to explore your new life and surroundings to the fullest. You will be free to enjoy your free time and explore new opportunities, forgotten interests and reminisce about the good old days. And while enjoying your retirement you will be able to make new friends, find new interests and explore new and interesting life in Florida. In a New York minute, you will be able to change your life and explore new horizons that you never had time before. So feel free to explore Florida, find a perfect place for you and try our tips for New Yorkers retiring in Florida.