What to expect when moving from Mississippi to Florida

Palm trees in Florida and clear blue sky.

Moving from Mississippi to Florida will not be an easy transition for you and your family. There is a lot at stake and there are a lot of factors that can complete this relocation. However, this move also doesn’t have to be a complete nightmare. All it means that you will have to prepare and know what is in store. One thing that makes this move more difficult is the long distance between the two states. This factor can almost be annulled with great preparation and the right movers. But there are also substantial differences between the two states that you should be prepared for. Don’t worry! We are in your corner.

When moving from Mississippi to Florida you should be familiar with these factors

Organizing your move to Florida will be one challenge while adjusting to Florida’s culture will be a different story. Culture in Magnolia State is very different from the culture in the Sunshine State. Moving might not be wise until you are fully aware of what awaits you once you have relocated to Florida.

A slight change in climate

You will not experience a full-on climate shock once you have moved. Just like in Florida, the weather in Mississippi is mostly warm and pleasant. The winters are short-lived and very mild. However, there is a much slighter chance of a hurricane strike when you live in Mississippi.

A hurricane towering over a city in Florida.

Hurricanes are a very familiar sight in Florida. Unfortunately, residents of Florida have become accustomed to them.

Every year, Florida goes through hurricane season. This might sound terrifying to newcomers or those that aren’t from the Sunshine State, but to those that live there, this is a normal occurrence. The possibility of a hurricane is always present, especially when residing on the cost. That is why everybody has hurricane insurance. So, once you have down all the real estate trends in Miami or a different Florida city and you purchase a new property, don’t forget about this unique insurance.

Get used to a mix of different cultures

Just like Mississippi, Florida is known as one of the southern states. Still, there are some very large cultural differences between the two. Not only that. There are major cultural differences within Florida itself.

Northern Florida

Northern parts of the state tend to represent a different vibe, then areas south of them. Unlike southern cities, up north people practice a more traditional style of living. It is not so easy to characterize it, but it can be put as traditional All-American living. Southern charm and hospitality are present, and people tend to be more conservative. If you are planning your long-distance moving from Mississippi to Florida, in this region, you shouldn’t experience a major culture shock. Thigs are for the most part similar.

Southern Florida

Well, there is a reason this part of the country is known as spring break central. Of course, not all parts of Southern Florida are occupied during spring break. Yet, you should know that this part of the state tends to be more liberal and a tad bit less traditional. So, it is safe to say that their northern neighbors live a different lifestyle. Also, in the south of the state, there is a strong influence of Cuba and the Caribbean. Consequently, you can feel the unique and exotic vibe, not only in the air but also in the cousin, on the streets, and in many establishments. One of the hacks to make the moving process easier for you and your family, would be to learn some basic Spanish.

Cuban style eggs and a bowl of fruit.

If you are a fan of Cuban food, South Florida is the perfect place for you.

Wildlife can catch you off guard

Of course, you know that Florida is known as the Sunshine State. However, did you know that it is also known as the Alligator State? Don’t be shocked if you have a camper under your front porch. It can easily be an alligator or some other friendly creator. Also, a python here and there might get lost in your backyard. These unusual, junglelike scenes are very common.

For those that like to garden and plant things, came to the right place. There are not many plants and species that do not flourish in Florida. Finally, you can make gardening your number one hobby when moving from Mississippi to Florida.

Two turtles sunning on rocks next to the water.

Are you ready for these two fellas to be your next-door neighbors? They might even cross to your backyard without being invited.

Costs of living in FL

Florida is a mecca for newcomers. Thus, you might think that because of the demand, this state must be extremely pricey to live in. But, this is not the case. Costs of living and the costs of real estate are just a little bit over the national average. Yet, the key is not how much the costs are in comparison to the national average but in comparison to your budget. Make sure you can comfortably cover all your monthly expenses before you jump the gun and move.

Hire professional movers to relocate you to Florida

How does Florida’s culture sound so far? If you love what you are hearing moving to this warm and exotic state might be perfect for you. Mississippi is not a short ride away, so a long-distance move is in front of you. Therefore, the best thing you can do for your family and your sanity is to hire professionals to help you relocate. This investment will cost you, but it will be exactly what you need to survive this complex venture. With their experience and knowledge of moving, professional movers will turn your long-distance move into an easy-peasy outing. Reliable and trustworthy movers aren’t easy to find. If you are still on the hunt, visit spydermoving.com.

An open-minded attitude

Moving from Mississippi to Florida will imply living in a culture that accepts diversity. Florida is a very diverse state from many different perspectives. People all over the US and the world have chosen this state as their home. So, if you move to FL you will be in contact with people from many different races, cultures, religions, and habits. Tolerance is expected from all, especially from newcomers. If you are closeminded person, this might not be the best choice for you. Otherwise, take the leap and move to Florida. It is the perfect place for those that want to live a culturally rich life and enjoy fun in the sun.