The benefits of moving to Seattle

The Seattle cityscape.

If you’re thinking where to move, we’re here today to make a case for Seattle. This city is the largest city in Washington and it offers an amazing lifestyle! Moving to Seattle might be the best choice of your life. Why? Seattle offers some of the best quality of life advantages in all of the USA. You can find anything there – from interesting culture to exotic places, which can, in turn, provide some of the best times of your life. Excited? Well, we sure hope so, since we have prepared something for you! The benefits of moving to Seattle are plentiful. Here are just some of them!

The famous Seattle rain is one of Seattle’s biggest advantages

This might sound strange to you, but rain plays an important role in Seattle life. Most people do not like rain, but that is not true if you live here! Rain helps the natural ecosystems in the city. You can see buildings as tall as the sky and literally forests of trees in the same place. Thank rain for that.

Raindrops making splashes on the water.

Strangely enough, the people who live in Seattle actually look forward to seeing the rain!

Since it supports both flora and fauna in the urban setting, Seattle is a perfect union of nature and urbanism. Let’s face it. How many times have you complained about the “city smell?” Well, probably never if you live in Seattle. If you are tired of the big cities and the ever-increasing levels of city smoke, then Seattle could be the perfect city for you. However, don’t let this be the only reason why you’d want to move here! Seattle has more surprises for you.

The coffee’s great

When it’s raining outside and you don’t have any work to do, there is an impeccable amount of coffee shops scattered all around Seattle and its neighborhoods. Coffee life is a big thing in Seattle. In fact, it is such a big thing that people in Seattle consume more coffee than in any other city in America! If you are a coffee addict, then Seattle is the perfect choice for you. Not to mention the variety of coffee you can find there! Spring is the best time to relocate to Seattle. Everything starts anew, and coffee places offer seats outside. A perfect place to end a hard day’s work, it seems.

Amazing food is one of the benefits of moving to Seattle

There is nothing not to like about the food in Seattle. It offers a perfect balance of breakfast, lunch and dinner places, most of which are open only at the appropriate time of the day. Moreover, Seattle food is sometimes considered the best when seafood in the USA is concerned.

Oysters you can enjoy after moving to Seattle.

Amazing oysters are just one of the benefits of moving to Seattle.

While urban and “fast” in terms of food, Seattle can still offer a rustic tingle on our palates every now and then. Oysters, fish n’ chips, fried fish and more are in almost every restaurant! The prices are not high for a city of that size, so pack your bags and move straight to Seattle. If you like to eat – you won’t regret it.

Things to do after moving to Seattle

  • Visit the parks. Parks in Seattle are extremely rich in nature and wildlife due to the famous Seattle rain. It makes a perfect place to visit during a relaxing Sunday afternoon after work. You can either stroll through nature or sit down and play some chess with a friend. The parks in Seattle have everything that a real park should have – tranquility and fun.
  • Explore downtown on foot. The traffic in Seattle is horrible, but walking on foot is not. Even though the city is immensely large, walking on foot is never boring as there is always something new to see around every corner. This is especially true for downtown Seattle. Grab a quick snack at one of the local burger joints or a pizza place, and then walk around the urban center. There are plenty of things to see in Seattle, and you should make the most out of it.
  • Changing your location. Seattle is simply amazing. However, it is quite big and the traffic is horrible. We advise changing your location every now and then in case you did not purchase a house. If you like it here as much as we’d expect, you can either rent or buy a house. Both options are great due to the nature of Seattle and its amazing sights. It is a city you would want to live in even after a brief visit.
  • Sports. If you are into sports, Seattle is the right place for you! If you are into NFL, even better! Seattle houses one of the best NFL teams in the USA, Seattle Seahawks. You can visit their stadium CenturyLink Field even when they are not playing. It is one of the best stadiums for the NFL in the States as well.

Jobs in Seattle

Since Seattle is quite an urban city with lavish nature, you can find jobs almost in any field of expertise. The best part – the quality of life. You can live quite comfortably after moving to Seattle no matter what you do for a living. There will always be work for you and it will always be worth your while. Combine that with the relatively cheap lifestyle here and you get a win-win situation.

Arts and culture

Seattle is also home to some of the finest American artists nowadays. Their work can be seen both in museums and galleries across the city.

Interesting graffiti that will make lovers of art see the benefits of moving to Seattle.

From street art to refined museums and galleries, Seattle’s got it when it comes to art!

People in Seattle like fine arts and if you are a fan as well, then look no further. Pick the right kind of moving assistance and book a ticket to Seattle as soon as possible! You will relatively soon find yourself exposed to some of the best modern art in the world.


There is never enough words to describe Seattle. It is at the same time extremely modern and extremely full of nature. Also, this is the rainiest city in the United States of America, but you’ll be happy when it rains. That’s because you’ll enjoy nature even more after the rain. You’ll be happy because you’ll get to enjoy some of the best food in the States. Furthermore, you’ll be happy because you will see the Seahawks play this Saturday. Finally, you’ll be happy simply because you live in this city. Welcome to Seattle, one of the most amazing cities in the world!