4 most common injuries that can happen during a DIY move

Be aware of the most common injuries during a DIY move

If you are planning to have a DIY move then you will need to know about the most common injuries that occur while in the process of relocating. You need to know what the injuries are so you can avoid them and move to your new home without any trauma to your body. You will also need to protect the floors when moving in so you don’t start living in the new house with damage on your floors.

Cuts and scrapes are the most common injuries

This is the number one injury that occurs while doing a DIY move by yourself. It can easily happen when you are moving boxes. It only takes a small mistake in your movement. You can prevent this by making sure you pack all of your items properly and be extra careful when opening and moving your belongings in the new house.

Most common injuries while moving by yourself are cuts
The number one injury while moving are cuts. To prevent this you need to be extra careful with your movements.

You also need to know how to move during the summer season because you can easily get dehydrated and therefore sick. While these injuries are common they are not the end of the world. Most of the time it is just a little cut. So don’t panic.

Falling down while moving

You can easily slip and fall when relocating because of the fast movements. Or you can trip on something that will make you fall to the ground. Be sure that the new home is clear of any clutter that can make your trip. Not to mention, that the floors are not wet or sticky. Just take your time while doing a DIY move and make sure that you will be safe.

Prevent falling by scanning the area that you are going to walk through and taking as much time as you need. Don’t rush it because that will make the chances of you falling and getting hurt bigger. Also, take time while choosing the location of your new home because you need to find the perfect one.

Sprains while moving heavy objects

Sprains or strains can very easily happen to you while relocating. This can occur when you are not paying attention to your posture while lifting boxes and other items. Especially when moving heavy objects. Prevent this from happening by asking for some help with items that are very heavy.

Sprained ankle while moving
Make sure to wear good quality shoes when moving so you will not sprain your ankles

While being on the topic of heavy items you can prepare your car for moving to another state with ease. You just need some guidance.

Strained muscles are on the list of most common injuries

Most common injuries strained muscles occur in your legs and back. But they can happen in different areas as well. These injuries will happen if you don’t lift your belongings correctly. Make sure that you are using good posture and your legs instead of your back for lifting. Of course, use dollies or any other tool that you can get your hands on. Also, friends can help you carry really heavy belongings so the weight is spread out evenly therefore no one gets hurt.