4 reasons why New Yorkers invest in Florida real estate now more than ever

Aerial view of the Florida coastline that makes you think about the 4 reasons why New Yorkers invest in Florida real estate now more than ever

Real estate in Miami is being purchased from all over the world. From Latin Americans seeking a “safety box” in Florida to Wall Street moguls and other rich New Yorkers who have taken note of Florida Real Estate. Those who are unfamiliar with Florida Real Estate and still believe that Florida is solely suitable for sunbathing should check out our blog! But for now, let’s go over the 4 reasons why New Yorkers invest in Florida real estate now more than ever!

Vacation home

Midst the pandemic, vacation homes in Florida gained a lot of value. Lockdown after lockdown, you don’t want to be stuck in the city. That is why many New Yorkers opt to invest in Florida real estate. Having a second home or a rental in the Sunny State can be a great escape from the hustle and bustle and can help with distressing. Many people also rent out their Florida vacation homes when they are not in them.

Platforms like Booking.com and Airbnb offer a simple way to rent out your property when you aren’t using it. If having your stuff during renting is a problem, there are moving and storage companies like Movage Moving NYC that will help you out. They will keep your stuff safe while the space is being rented, but if you need to store them longer, they can do that too!

The market is amazing

The temperature in Florida isn’t the only thing that’s hot. In fact, the Florida real estate market has historically been one of the most rewarding investment areas. There are several reasons to believe that buying Florida investment homes is a worthwhile experience. Many first-time investors invest in luxury properties in Florida. The state, for example, provides citizens with a substantial return on their real estate investments. This implies that, while you may pay more upfront for your selected house, your investment will pay off in the long run.

Florida beach
Florida’s real estate market is as hot as the sand on its beaches!

Even if you want to invest in a property, and decide to move in it afterward, it will be a great investment. When you decide to move, keep in mind that specialists are at your disposal if you decide to hire them to help. If you hire professionals, the task will be much easier.

The renters market

Although demand for real estate in Florida is high, the good news for real estate investors is that the supply of available listings is increasing as well. The demand for affordable housing in Florida’s rental market will continue to rise as remote employment has an impact on where individuals may reside. That might be one of the reasons why Florida’s employment market rose by more than 2% last year.

The locations are great

It’s all too easy to get caught up with the property. While the property itself is obviously the most crucial factor to evaluate, you must also consider the location of your new property. In Florida, there are several resorts and neighborhoods, each with its own unique beauty and benefits. It’s critical to pick carefully since the area you choose will decide your long-term financial potential.

Miami skyline with palms that makes New Yorkers invest in Florida
There are many amazing locations to invest in all over Florida!

Consider your rental plan if you want to buy an investment property in Florida. Consider regions in Central Florida if you want to be close to popular tourist spots like Disney World. Don’t forget about personal delight; it should still be a place you love visiting.