6 things you should not forget when moving from Philly to Miami

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A lot of people have been moving from Philly to Miami lately. This isn’t because Philadelphia is not a good place to live in. It really is. But a lot of people find Miami to be a much better option. And if you believe that living in Miami is for you, it doesn’t matter where you are currently living, moving to Miami is possible. Many seem to think that long-distance relocation has to be stressful but that is not the case. You can have a stress-free move from one state to another. But you need to know a couple of things. And here is where you can read what are the six things that you shouldn’t forget when moving from Philly to Miami. Doing this will make your moving process easier.

Start planning your relocation on time

Even if you are moving on short notice, forgetting to make a relocation plan is not what you should allow happening. Having a plan is key to making a relocation stress-free. Especially when long-distance relocation is in question. But you also need to know just how to make this plan and what it should contain. When doing so, you might forget to add some things to your plan which is why we are here to help and give you some moving plan-making pointers. Even if you are planning a business move, these tips will come in handy.

Your moving plan should be detailed. Contain as much information in your plan as you possibly can. The best way to do so is to write down everything that comes to your mind. Start with just where in Miami you will be moving to. If you have found a home in Miami already, it is good to include information about it as well. Include how many packing supplies you are going to need, when you should start packing, and of course, what documents you need to have in order for this relocation to be possible.

Person using laptop to do research about moving from Philly to Miami
Include all the information regarding your relocation process in your moving plan.

Plan your budget

A lot of people forget to plan their budget when moving from Philly to Miami which is a situation you want to avoid. While you are making your moving plan, you should also calculate approximately how much money you are going to need in order to handle all the expenses this relocation brings. And there will be many of them.

The relocation won’t necessarily be expensive but it is best that you are prepared for any situation. In order to make a realistic budget plan, you can use some online tools. Many moving companies have a free evaluation tool on their website that you can use to calculate your moving expenses.

We suggest using the tool of the moving company you are thinking of hiring. It wouldn’t be a bad idea to get evaluations on a couple of different moving company websites. This can help you choose the right moving company to hire for your relocation.

Money on the table and a person signing papers.
Relocation can be expensive. Make sure you have a budget big enough to handle all the expenses.

Hire a moving company on time

You also cannot forget to engage experts in the process when moving from Philly to Miami. Moving without professional assistance is possible but it is much more complicated and stressful to do it this way. This is why you should definitely seek help from professionals. There are plenty of ways professionals can make moving easier. You can hire labor-only assistance or have professionals handle the entire relocation for you making it completely stress-free for you.

But you have to do it as soon as possible as most reliable moving companies are booked weeks or some even months in advance. This is why we suggest that you start researching moving companies and just what they offer as soon as you start thinking about relocation. This will also help you create a better moving budget and save more money if necessary.

Declutter your belongings

Many of us tend to have more stuff than we actually need. For some people this is clothing and shoes, for others, it is books or home decorations. No matter if you have a lot of what you do not need, you should certainly get rid of it before the move from one place to another. This is extremely important for those of you who are downsizing.

There are plenty of benefits to doing so. Decluttering your belongings means that you will have a much easier time packing up for relocation as you will have fewer things. You will also save money by using fewer packing supplies. But having fewer things to move also means that your move is smaller in size which is also going to affect the moving company bill. So, if you want to save some money and make relocation easier, don’t forget to declutter.

Even if you are moving your business, decluttering the inventory is important. You can store what you do not want to move in a storage unit of a reliable company such as Zippy Shell of Greater Philadelphia.

Things in a storage unit.
You can store your excess belongings away in a storage unit if getting completely rid of them is not an option for you.

Get the necessary documents

As moving from one state to another is not such an easy task to handle as it is very complex, one of the things many people forget is to gather all the necessary documents. Interstate moving requires you to do plenty of things when it comes to paperwork. And if you do not regulate it all on time, you might face certain issues.

Getting in touch with a professional for these things is the best way to handle this task. Talk to someone who knows what you need to do in order to make living in Miami possible for you and your family.

Check if you have packing supplies at home

Before you go out and purchase plenty of packing supplies, you should definitely check whether you own something that you can use for this purpose. You certainly have some bags, luggage, and shoe boxes that you can use. This is a nice way to make your relocation more eco-friendly by using fewer cardboard boxes that you will just throw away after the relocation. This is one of the most common packing mistakes people make and having this mind can save you money but also make your relocation eco-friendly which is a win-win situation.