8 simple ways to save money when moving

Simple ways to save money when moving

Moving can be exciting, especially if it is for a new job, to make room for a growing family, or to start adventures in a new place. But the move is accompanied by an abundance of expenses. When you add the cost of an actual move to other expenses, such as a down payment or security deposit, this initial excitement can quickly reduce by thoughts of financial implications. Fortunately, moving on a budget is possible with a little planning. There are simple ways to save money when moving. Follow these helpful tips to create a relocation plan that will fit your budget.

So, what are the simple ways to save money when moving?

1. Get money for your move from things you no longer need

When you start packing things, you will see what you do not use or what you do not need. Consider selling any unnecessary items that are in good condition. You can earn some money on a garage sale or delivering goods to a consignment store. And you will avoid moving items that you do not need. There are a number of sites where you can easily sell things without leaving your couch.

Man hacking

However, if you sell products over the Internet, always take precautions

You can donate your unsold items and return the money later in the form of a tax deduction. Anything you can make from items that you don’t use in any way can help cover some of your relocation costs. Finally, if you don’t get to sell your items, you can put them in storage to reduce your moving costs. You just need to find storage units that can be rented for this month.

2. Choose the right mover

By hiring a moving company, you can get rid of the stress associated with the move. But how do you choose a company that does the job at a reasonable rate? The best way is to ask friends and family if they have any recommendations. Check customer reviews and reports from the Better Business Bureau online. You should also receive written estimates from three different moving companies, such as Heart Moving Manhattan NYC, and be wary of low ratings or companies that provide ratings by phone only.

Before you sign anything, we recommend asking about possible additional fees so that you don’t pay more than you expect. Moving companies sometimes charge for “extra services”, such as assembling and disassembling furniture, moving objects up and down stairs, or moving basic appliances. Special prices may be available, so be sure to ask about promotions or, if necessary, a discount for military personnel or students.

3. Choose a more affordable time

The date you choose for your move can affect prices. According to the AMSA, the busiest are movings on weekends and at the end of the month. And the peak season of moving is in the summer. If you have some flexibility, you can get a lower rate by planning your move in the middle of the week, mid-month or outside of the peak season.

4. DIY all or some part of the move

Perhaps one of the easiest and most obvious simple ways to save money when moving is to do it yourself as much as possible. For relatively local moves, you might want to think about renting a truck and moving your belongings with the help of family and friends. Moving containers can be another money-saving option. The service brings you a moving container or box, and you load it with your things. And then the company delivers it to your new home, which saves the cost of the moving crew.

Packed boxes

Doing packing by yourself is one of the best simple ways to save money when moving

5. Pack efficiently

Packing can have a cost associated with it, regardless of whether you hire movers for this or do it yourself. If you take packing and unpacking services, that can cost an additional $400 or more. You can cut costs by packing and unpacking by yourself. Using things like towels or clothes for padding boxes instead of buying wrapping paper or foam will save you even more money.

6. Get free boxes

Do not pay for new boxes. Find neatly used boxes at a local store or someone who offers them on the Internet. Just make sure they are clean and still in good shape. Warehouse clubs, liquor stores, and other stores are known for having boxes in the back room that you can take for free – if you ask. You can also search for moving boxes on Craigslist. Many people are happy to give their boxes for the move for free. If you have friends who work in retail, ask if they have access to the boxes.

7. Switch banks

It’s time to close your old bank account. When you move to a new state, you may find that there are no local branches or ATMs of your bank. Offline ATM fees usually cost about $3 each time you use an ATM. This can happen quickly if you use cash on a regular basis. But if you switch to an online bank, you don’t have to worry about finding a place near you or an ATM. Even better, ATM fees for members of online banks are free – always.

8. Keep all receipts

The IRS allows you to deduct relocation expenses if you move for work. If so, keep all receipts related to your move so you can deduct them when the tax time comes. Keep in mind that you can only deduct expenses such as gasoline, truck rental, and hotel.

Tax receipts

Saving all receipts can bring you a significant amount of money

A little preparation will help you make your move more accessible. Follow these simple ways to save money when moving; you may be able to keep this move within budget.