8 Things to know about starting a sober living home in your community

Yellow pills on the table.

Addictions are prevalent among people around the entire world. But those that happen to live in big and wild cities have more cases than in some calmer suburbs. Therefore, investing in a sober living home in your community is definitely a great idea. However, this is not something you can just do without having any knowledge about it before. These people are looking for professional help… one that will allow them to deal with their addictions and emotions. Learning more about each addiction before buying a property for this purpose is essential.

Heroin addiction is a reason to invest in a sober living home

Even though plenty of people, especially healthy people, don’t understand this, heroin is still a big problem in our communities. They end up reaching for salvation through drugs. And once they stumble upon heroin, it is like they are at the bottom. And because of this, sober living homes exist. They are supposed to be places where they can feel safe and where they will have the will to get better. Forcing them to do so won’t be of much help, though. They need to come to you while there is still time for that.

At first, people that use heroin feel euphoric, and they start feeling a “rush”. And at the same time, other symptoms that this drug gives are heavy feelings in the arms and legs, clouded thoughts, and dry mouth. After using it for a while, people begin to have collapsed veins, abscesses, lung complications, and infections of the heart lining and valves. If they don’t seek help from licensed experts on time, symptoms begin to evolve and be much stronger. That is the reason why people struggling with this addiction need someone they trust, and they need to be in a safe environment.

Signs in front of a sober living home in your community.
When starting a sober living home in your community, you need to show people the support they need.

The second biggest addiction is alcohol, and many people are struggling with it

For many people, this information might come as shocking. Alcohol is legal, and you can buy it on every corner. It is one of the most addictive substances, and the worst thing is that people don’t notice their addiction until they are too deep in it. For the majority, it all begins when they are teenagers — hiding and drinking at high school parties just to have fun and be popular.

As we have already mentioned, people don’t believe they are addicted at first. They believe they are doing it for pleasure. The symptoms of alcoholism start to show when a person is not able to limit the amount of alcohol and when they refuse to cut down on how much they want to drink. This has been the main reason for domestic violence. To help these people out, you won’t only need to choose a perfect location for your sobriety home, but you’ll also need to find a professional staff that will be able to cure them.

Another reason for starting a sober living home in your community is cocaine

With alcohol addiction, most people start developing other addictions. And in most cases, that would be cocaine. One of the first symptoms of a strong addiction is being depressed when without it. Those addicted may experience anxiety, mood swings, and a strong desire to use the substance in order to achieve a feeling of euphoria.

Person pouring an alcoholic drink in a glass.
Even though it seems harmless, alcohol, in combination with cocaine, is very addictive and dangerous.

Very often, with cocaine, there is a nicotine addiction

Even though it is legal and allowed everywhere, nicotine addiction can be a big problem. And the worst thing is that not only is it damaging to smokers, but it affects people around them as well. You would have to control everyone in your sober living home, so no accidents happen when people sneak in a cigarette. Make sure to prepare all those anti-nicotine chewing gums and other substances that can help.

Another addiction you should be aware of is a shopping addiction

Shopping addiction isn’t considered a mental illness, but the line definitely is thin. Shopping addicts are mostly females that can’t seem to stop buying things that are on sale. And mostly, they end up in serious debt and broke without even realizing it. Those people tend to lose everything they have. To help them come out of this addiction a winner, you will have to find experts and specialists to assist them in getting away from that problem.

Pharmaceuticals also pose a serious threat

There are people that are already dealing with some sort of illness. And to cure those, they have to use prescription drugs. Unfortunately, these drugs also have addictive ingredients, and in lots of cases, they end up being drawn to them as well. These people need help, too, despite their problem not seeming as extreme as some other examples.

A sober living home in your community can aid gambling addicts

When people think about opening a sober living home, they forget that it is not only drugs that can make people addicted. Gambling is also a big problem, and most of the time, it is not even followed by alcohol or cocaine addiction. These people need a different kind of treatment, and you should find experienced and qualified staff that will help you with curing them.

Poker chips and cards on the table.
Playing poker might seem fun until it is too late to stop.

The addiction that develops from a very young age is gaming

Many parents introduce their children to the gaming world from a very young age. And even though it seems completely harmless, it can be very addictive. Gaming addicts forget about the rest of the world, and they only live in a simulation. They are throwing their life and future away, mostly being overweight because of no movement and with serious health problems. This is a serious and very common problem, and these people need help from professionals.

You need to be prepared before starting a sober living home

To be able to start a sober living home in your community and be successful in running this business, you need to have knowledge. Learning more about these diseases, addictions, and people is very important. You need to deal with them professionally, but still, you have to be very supportive and make them feel safe in this place. And if you happen to need advice connected to real estate properties where you might open your sobriety home, don’t hesitate to reach out.