Affordable homes in Sunshine State

Florida house to buy

Living on a budget in such a perfect place as Florida, is it possible? Surely yes. Not an easy goal to achieve, not everywhere, but still possible to find. Moving to Florida itself means moving to the Heaven on Earth for many. Now, not every city is as perfect as your dream, but the most of them are at probably at least very close to that. Therefore, making a compromise you could find yourself in some of the affordable homes in Sunshine State, laying on the beach. No matter how expensive Florida real estate seems to be, investing in the Sunny State might be quite affordable. And what an investment it could be for you, for your spouse, and especially for your family. Regardless of what you’re intending to use it for – your residence or a second home.

The most affordable cities to buy a home in Florida

Inexpensive cities in Florida - What are the best?

What are the best inexpensive cities in Florida

No, you can’t expect to live in Florida as cheap as in some village in mountains. But you surely don’t need to break the bank to live comfortably. Finding a balance will help you reach the goal of living in Florida on an average budget. Buying/renting one of the most affordable homes in Florida would certainly mean a lot. On the other hand, there are other expenses, so we’d suggest finding an affordable city from different aspects. We did a thorough research, and here are some Florida cities where you might live comfortably and on a budget:

  • Orlando – A golfer? Love the Sun? Wanna be living in one of top 100 places to live in worldwide? You can have all that in Orlando on your budget!
  • Kissimmee – A destination for a vacation? Yes, but Kissimmee is a lot more than that!
  • Palm Bay – A city with the booming industry and the space coast. Just the perfect place when looking for affordable homes in Sunshine State.
  • Cape Coral – With more than 400 miles of canals, ‘Waterfront Wonderland’ and burrowing owls, this is an inexpensive excitement oasis in Florida.

Orlando, a piece of heaven for golfers

In 2014 Orlando got the title ‘The Theme Parks Capital of the Year’, which is an obvious evidence of why this golfers’ city is such an exciting place to live in.The warm weather is just an addition to overall beautiful life here. In fact, you can even choose the neighborhood based on your lifestyle. If you’re moving to Florida with no job, not a problem at all. You can simply join thousands of workers at Disney. Coming with the kids? There’s second largest university in all of the States here!

Talking about the housing, the median home price is around 172.000$. This surely isn’t the most affordable city in Florida for this matter, but comparing to what Orlando offers, it can be considered a city with affordable homes in Sunshine State. If you’re more into renting, you can rent a two-bedroom apartment for 1300$ on average.

Kissimmee – Hiding some of the most affordable homes in Sunshine State

It’s home to one of the top 5 amusement parks in the USA. it is one of the favorite destinations for a vacation. Yet, it’s so much more than just a vacation place. What made Kissimmee such an attraction is a Disney World. Along with the popularity, it has positively influenced the economic growth. So now not only that you can enjoy a week or two here, but you can have a comfortable life and a good job.

The median home price in Kissimmee is 170.000$. But there is a great range in prices, so you can find homes here for as low as 60-70.000$. Quite affordable, don’t you think? For those who want to rent, a two bedroom apartment costs 1200$ on average.

Palm Bay – A Space Coast City

Put an effort and you'll surely find affordable homes in Sunshine State

There are affordable homes in Sunshine State, it only takes effort to find them

One of the most interesting cities, not only in Florida. You can have fun no matter if you’re a single person, married, or even have kids. There are different options to have fun with a whole family. If you like sports, not a chance that you won’t find a sport you like. A gourmand? After you had fun with a family and enjoyed your favorite sport, now’s the time to have a great meal. And there’s no such thing as a bad restaurant in Palm Bay.

If you’re interested in buying a real estate here, the median home price in Palm Bay is 160.000$. And an average two-bedroom apartment rental costs 900$. Among the most affordable Florida homes both for rent and for sale you can find here.

Cape Coral – The biggest city between Miami and Tampa

This place is truly a paradise for those who like fishing and boating. Besides, the waterfront here is beautiful and suitable for a complete relaxation in always Sunny Florida! Worried about the job? The job market here is constantly growing, so it would be very difficult not to find some job. If you’re enthusiastic about nature, there is plenty of wilderness in Cape Coral, so you can fully enjoy your hobbies in nature. These are just some of the most important reasons to consider this affordable Florida city for your next destination.

If you want to know how affordable Cape Coral is, then you should know the housing costs. Are you intending to buy or to rent a home? If looking to buy a house, the median home value here is 215.000$. Not the cheapest place on Earth, but still affordable compared to other big cities in Florida. If you’re more interested in renting a place, the two-bedroom rental here is 1400$. 

We tried to single out the top cities in Florida at an affordable cost of living and cost of housing. These were the cities where you can get the most things at an affordable price. Sure, when relocating to Florida, your interests might be somewhat different. Hence, before hiring Miami moving experts, we suggest you get in touch with us. We’ll be more than happy to discuss what are the cities in Florida that would be the best for you to pick as the next residence.