Apartment or House: The Safest Option for a Single Lady

What's the safest option - apartment or house

Big cities like Miami experience the constant flux of citizens but nowadays also a regular inflow of single women. Either as working professionals or students, they are very picky when it comes to the selection of the right property. One of the biggest concerns troubling single ladies in search of a secure place to live is: whether it should be an apartment or a house. What is the safest option?

What’s the safest option?

According to the experience of many who rented a property in a big city, the apartment is voted as the safest option. It also has its disadvantages. To make sure you made the right decision, you need to take every aspect into account. If you decide to move to a small apartment, extra storage space comes in handy so consider renting it.

Renting an apartment as a single woman

It is perfectly logical to feel safer in an area where you’re not alone. If you can’t rent in a gated community, renting in a multi-unit apartment building is the next best thing. Considering it is either guarded 24/7 or has working security cameras. The higher up apartment is, the better. Of course, you should keep your balcony and front doors locked when you’re away.

Not only there is safety in numbers but you should also connect with your closest neighbors. As much as you may not like nosey neighbors, they are paying close attention to building activities. An apartment building is also safer because it allows you randomness in your comings and goings.

However, the fact you live so close to others raises privacy issues. Even though sharing walls with your neighbors allows them to hear when you’re in trouble and assist you, it also allows them to hear… well, everything else. Most landlords, unfortunately, do not allow pets. Cats and dogs are not only alerted by sounds you might overhear but they also provide comfort and sense of safety.

Guard dog on duty sign, safest option if you wish to keep your house protected

While dogs are usually not allowed in apartment buildings, owning one is preferable if you rent a house

Things you should be aware of if you’re renting a house

The good thing about living in a house is that it allows you to secure it in as many ways as you deem necessary. You can install a surveillance system and/or alarm, special lighting, and get a dog. Your privacy is better protected, too. If you prefer to rent a house, chose your neighborhood wisely. Close-knit communities should be on top of your list.
On the other hand, renting a house is more expensive. There are also too many entry points. With front/back/balcony doors, a few ground-level windows, and a garage, you need to make an extra effort to guard them at all times.

Don’t advertise your whereabouts, 21st-century girls

Looking for the safest option has never been easy. One of the things criminals like is an easy target with a set routine. It would be best to go through the basic self-defense training as well, just in case. Be very careful about what you post on social media, too.