Are you ready to move into a tiny house in 2020

As our fast-paced world progresses so do our ways of living. In addition to that, we have a lot of different options to choose from. Our choice hugely depends on our needs and wishes but also many other factors. Deciding which lifestyle you’ll be the happiest with isn’t easy. However, it’s important to approach this decision decisively and to not doubt yourself, especially because nothing is irreversible. Along with many other options, one that’s not so often considered is living in tiny houses. Nonetheless, it’s important to go through every option you’re being given. Who knows, maybe this is just the thing for you. In the spirit of that, let’s see if you’re ready to move into a tiny house in 2020.

What are your needs?

As much as you can really go to town with whichever lifestyle you want to pursue, it’s smart to look at your needs, rather than your wants. Dreaming about moving into a tiny house and actually making it work are two very different things.

Having said this, before you decide if moving to a tiny house is for you, here’s a profile of a person this type of living would be ideal for:

  • A minimalist
    If you’re someone who doesn’t really need nor own a lot of things, a tiny house move might be just for you. Keeping your tiny house organized and clean isn’t so easy if you’re someone that owns and constantly gets a lot of new stuff.
  • Living alone
    For anybody that’s living alone and pans on keeping it that way, tiny houses might not be so, well, tiny. However, make sure to think about the fact that you might not get to have a lot of people over if that’s something you’re used to.
  • Living an eco-friendly, waste-free life
    Moving into a tiny home means using less stuff which also applies to appliances and anything that requires power usage. Besides, once you’ve moved into a tiny home, you’ll probably run into a lot of like-minded people among your neighbors.
A person holding a lead with their hand painted green representing how it's eco-friendly to move into a tiny home.

It’s much easier and more affordable to be eco-friendly if you move into a tiny home.

Different types of tiny houses

Before making a decision to move into a tiny house, it’s important to get to know everything that’s on the table. 

  1. On foundations/on wheels
    The first thing you should consider is whether you want to move into a tiny house that’s easy to relocate and move or if you’re more grounded and rooted and therefore want something more permanent.
  2. Materials
    As with any other home, you’ll want to decide what you want the tiny house you’re moving into to be made of. This will, of course, depend mostly on the climate and weather conditions you’re living in.
  3. Shapes
    Besides the obvious factor when deciding on the shape of your tiny house – aesthetic preference, there’s also the question of how the chosen shape will impact the functionality of your home. Make sure not to go over this step and give it some thought.
A picture of a tiny house on wheels.

There are a lot of great advantages and new experiences you can have if you decide to move into a tiny house on wheels.

Want to move into a tiny house? – here’s the good and the bad

Before making the final decision, you must look at moving into a tiny home from different perspectives. Trying to take into account both the good and bad sides of your tiny house move is crucial to making a well-based decision. Here are tiny house pros and cons to help you with making your own list. You need to, of course, make your own additions based on your own preferences as well.

Perks of living in a tiny house

The constant growing popularity of moving into tiny homes must somehow be justified. Having an ever changing market on our hands, it’s quite impressive how tiny houses have managed to stay afloat for so long. And we’re not just talking about the houseboat kid. All jokes aside, let’s dive into the good sides of tiny house life. 

  • Cheap living
    Once you’ve bought your tiny home, you’ll notice how the overall expenses are much lower than what you’re used to.
  • Easy repairs
    Saving for home repairs is something that’s a bother no matter where you’re living. However, if you move into a tiny home, it might not be so bad.
  • Cleaning and organizing is quick and easy
    Having less space to clean makes it a lot easier to do so. Once you’ve moved into a tiny house, you might even be more motivated to clean because of how little time and effort it’ll take.
  • Mobility
    If you opt for moving into a tiny home on wheels, this will be of great help. It’s like a 2 in 1 living space.
  • Solar power
    It’ll be much less fuss to go solar if you live in a tiny house than it is otherwise.
A photo of solar panels that are much easier and cheaper to get if you've moved into a tiny house.

Moving into a tiny house makes it much easier for you to own solar panels.

Hardships of living in a tiny house

There are, of course, some downsides as well. It’s important to note, though, that if you really want to move into a tiny home, this isn’t something that should necessarily stop you.

  • It can get claustrophobic
    If you’re someone that’s not too comfortable feeling closed off, you might want to skip this way of living.
  • Buying a tiny house can be a bit pricey
    Although life is quite affordable, the home purchase alone might not be. Be smart with how much you spend and make sure you’re well-informed. Once you know more, there might be a way to deduct some moving expenses and make the whole process cheaper, if not the home itself.
  • Lack of space for storage
    With a tiny house, unfortunately, comes less space for your belongings. If you’re someone who has a lot of things but still wishes to move into a tiny house, you might want to consider renting a storage unit.

What’s next

After you’ve decided to move into a tiny house, there are some things you need to do later along the way. Maintaining your space and taking care of it is really important. Not only for you but also for someone who might live there after you. This will also really increase the chances of you selling your tiny home for a good price.