Best Florida cities for families

A family lying on the bed.

If it is time to move and you have chosen Florida, then now it is time to choose the right city for you and your family. How to choose the best Florida cities for families among all these beautiful cities? Luckily, we can help you with decision and preparation. Consider all the facts before a move. So, let’s start.

Preparing your kids for a move

Before you move to Florida with kids, you should prepare your kid(s) and the rest of the family for this big life event. This change can be very stressful for teenagers and younger kids.

  • If your kids are old enough to understand what is happening, talk with them. Give them as much information as you can. Maybe you can choose together Florida cities for families.
  • Let them decorate their own room. Also, maybe they have ideas for the rest of the new home. It is important to let them get involved.
  • Visit a new school together and help them to meet new friends.
  • Ask them to do a research about Florida because it is important to learn more about Florida before you move. They can make a list of all the things they want to visit in Florida after a move.
  • Throw a goodbye party and invite their friends from school.
  • Be there for them and be supportive. Explain what moving will bring to them and stay positive.
Siblings walking together.

Help your children to handle a move to Florida and prepare them.

The list of top Florida cities for families

First of all, what are the criteria for choosing the best Florida cities for families? We have picked these cities according to:

  • Schools in the city. It is better to have more quality schools and educated people around you.
  • The low crime rate is very important especially if you have kids or want to have them. Safety of the city is the most important factor when you need to choose a new city.
  • Affordability is a major factor for the most families in the US.
  • How many families with children are in the city? You kids must have friends in the neighborhood. It is very helpful if you are not the only couple with the kids in the neighborhood.
Man is stressed out during choosing the best Florida cities for families.

Do not worry too much. Now when you can learn something about the best cities in Florida for families.

Cooper City

This city has a lot of restaurants, parks, shops, good schools for kids, etc. This city has it all, from a low crime rate to low costs of living. Also, more than 40% of residents have kids. A median home value is $320,000 (a median household income is $92,400) and a median rent in Cooper City is about $1,800, but 86 percent of the population owns a home. You will not make a mistake if you choose a Cooper City for you and your family.

Harbour Island

If you want to live on the island, this is one of the options when moving to Sunshine State. Most residents here own a home and a median home price is $326,000 with the median household income of $96,000. In the Tampa area, Harbour Island is the best option for the whole family. Amazing schools, a good nightlife, and safety. Living near the water is an amazing experience and the downtown Tampa is near.


People in Rockledge spend about 23.4% income on housing, which is very affordable. The atmosphere is family-friendly and it has a lot of family-friendly amenities. About 25.5 percent are families with children under 18. It is a small town, but it has it all and the median home value is just $151,000. Because of that, more than 75 percent of the population owns a home. The crime rate is low and it has a lot of public and private schools.


Almost half of the families in Oviedo have children under 18. That is a good sign if you want to move there. This city offers a lot of festivals each year, for the whole family. A median home value is $242,000 and about 24 percent of income goes to housing. If you were searching for the most beautiful Florida cities for families, we think you find the perfect one. UCF is near, so if it is your kids’ dream, it is another great reason to move there.

Miami Gardens

Miami Gardens has a lot of beautiful parks and many families live there (19 percent of the population are children). It is a very affordable place to live with the family. If you want to live there, Miami Gardens moving professionals can help you make the move. They have a lot of experience with the short and long-distance move too. If you have large and heavy items to move to Florida, it will not be a problem. Shops, restaurants, and entertainment are easily accessible in Miami Garden and has much less traffic than cities nearby.

Ormond Beach

Ormond Beach is located north of Daytona and it is a beautiful place for families in Florida. The city has a rich history and a lot of family-friendly amenities. It offers a suburban feel with a great atmosphere and vibes. The average home price is $170,000 and that is one of the reasons why 75 percent of residents own a house. It has a lot of public and private schools and they are great. Besides that, beaches, parks, rivers, restaurants are good places to spend time with your family after a hard working day.

A family in the nature in Florida.

After moving, enjoy a day with them and explore Florida.

Moving to Florida will be an amazing experience and it will give you a lot of opportunities. These were just some of the best Florida cities for families, so do your research and pick a perfect city in Florida and make the first step. Many people stay here in Florida after the retirement too, or they move to Florida after retirement. It is not just a state for young families, it has a lot to offer.