Explore some of the best Miami neighborhoods for families with children

A mother and a child.

There are many free things to do in Miami. Now, imagine doing this with your children, there’s going to be a lot of pictures. The position of Miami grants the city with excellent weather and scenery. And yes, Miami is a great place to have fun and listen to Conga, but that is not all. If you move to Miami, you should know that your children will have one of the best nation’s educations. It doesn’t matter if you aim for the public or private schools, they place Miami as one of the 5 largest public schools district in the nation. Good weather, sunny beaches, excellent education, now it’s the time to check what the neighborhoods are, especially the best Miami neighborhoods for families with children.

Preparation is the first step

Yes, before deciding what the best Miami neighborhoods for families with children are, you need to prepare a lot of other things as well. One of them is when to start planning for your move in Miami. Then, you will have the time to decide without rush which neighborhood fits you best. Check what your priorities are. Is there a certain school that you would like your kid to attend? The price will also influence the choice that you are going to make. So, have that ready first and of course talk to your children. Prepare them for the move as well. Visit the area and feel the vibe that Miami neighborhoods have. This will ease the search. You will fall in love with the food and the music of the Magic City.

A mailbox in one of the best Miami neighborhoods for families with children.

Explore some of the best Miami neighborhoods for families with children!

The Capital of Latin America has a lot of neighborhoods. Usually, they are divided into 4 regions, that would be the North, West, Downtown and South part of the city. When choosing the best part of the city, avoid the touristic places with a lot of noise. Miami is a hectic city since it is one of the busiest ports of the world. You want to have some quiet place and as green as possible. So, sharpen those pencils and write this down, Coconut Grove, Weston, Pinecrest and let’s start with Coral Gables.

Coral Gables

If you already live in Miami and if you decide to move to another part of the city, Coral Gables is an excellent choice.  Reasons are numerous. Firstly, Coral Gables is the seat of the University of Miami. It is located in Miami-Dade County and all the schools are part of the already mentioned Miami-Dade School district. This area is one of the most interesting ones for families. The region is very safe with police control and it offers a great connection to the other parts of the city. One can also find shining examples of private schools such as Gulliver Schools. If living close to the airport is important to you, Coral Gables is only 4 miles from the Miami International Airport. And as such it represents one of the best Miami neighborhoods for families with children.

A sunset in Miami.

Living in Miami is a great thing to do!

Coral Gables has a lot of European influence when it comes to architecture. Mediterranean Revival architecture combined with the waterfront canals will give you a different side of Miami’s scenery. As well, Coral Gables is close to another neighborhood, Coconut Grove. People say that this is the most desired neighborhood thanks to its all-day police control and a lot of parks in which the children can play. What was a big grapefruit plantation is now a home to many wealthy families and the area can be considered as exclusive. Ransom Everglades and Carrollton School of the Sacred Heart are the big guns that the oldest neighborhood of Miami has when it comes to school choice. The area is also known as one of the greenest.

Pinecrest is also one of the of the best Miami neighborhoods for families with children

Pinecrest prides itself with various parks which present a home for more than 1000 exotic tropical plants and trees. There are 5 public parks with playgrounds and recreation centers. Many family activities are being organized and children can use some of those basketball, baseball and soccer courts. When it comes to schools, Gulliver Preparatory one is also available here. That is why you will not regret if you choose the Pinecrest neighborhood. Summer camps are often to be found here. If you want to organize relocation to this area, be sure to hire professionals. Someone who understands your needs and who will find the solution for the same. Someone like Miami Movers For Less.


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Miami Movers for less are ranked A+ by the Better Business Bureau. This means that you will be in the safe hands and that the moving to Pinecrest will be done smoothly. Pinecrest is one of the best Miami neighborhoods for families with children in the sense of price. It is not that expensive as Coconut Grove, so you may want to remember this one.  Healthy lifestyle and environmental conscience are very important in this neighborhood. The area is very clean, and yet what would you expect from the neighborhood that has 10,000 street trees? The stress is forbidden here and people try to enjoy the moment. They do their best to recycle as much as possible. We will finish our list with sporty Weston.

Weston-one more of the best Miami neighborhoods for families with children

Weston is the west part of the Broward County and has one of the best affordable suburbs. If this seems appealing to you, you need to know how to prep your move with your baby. There is a great opportunity for your children to develop their sports talent. The city has a special agreement with the American Youth Soccer Organization. Yet, soccer is not the only sport your child can practice. Many other sports teams have chosen Weston as their home, such as the Weston Warriors lacrosse team. The largest rugby team in the state trains in the city where people earn the most. As in other neighborhoods, high educational institutions are present. If you find yourself in this picture, choose Weston neighborhood.

Of course, these are some of the best Miami neighborhoods for families with children. Now check to find the one that has everything that you require. Happy relocation!