Best NYC areas for young professionals

A boy using a laptop to find out all about the best NYC areas for young professionals.

It can easily be said that New York is the capital of the world. There are more than eight million people living there. But, those are not just locals. Believe it or not, but there are more than eight hundred languages spoken on the streets of New York’s five boroughs – Brooklyn, Manhattan, the Bronx, Staten Island, and Queens. What is more, there are approximately three hundred different neighborhoods in these five boroughs, So, if you are a young professional looking for a decent place to call home, have you considered relocating to NYC? You will certainly find something for yourself in New York. After all, you know how they say – if you can make it here, you can make it anywhere. Thus, here are some of the best NYC areas for young professionals you should consider.

East Village, Manhattan –  number one on our list of the best NYC areas for young professionals

Manhattan will always be the center of happenings. But, because of that reason, it will also always be the most expensive place to live in. And, we can all agree that young professionals and extremely high rents do not go well together, right? Well, there is one exception – East Village, Manhattan. It is located just next to the NYU campus, where most students and Millenials rent out. That means – cheaper rents! However, not only graduates from NYU settle here, but many people moving to the Big Apple after college also call East Village home. Also, East Village is a neighborhood that can offer you a lot more – diverse society, young crowds, a great number of bars, and a well-developed transportation system with which you can commute anywhere in New York City. So, if you are on a budget, but still want to try to make it or break it in Manhattan, give East Village a try, it truly is one of the best NYC areas for young professionals.

Manhattan view.

East Village, Manhattan, is a perfect place for young professionals – it is young, fun, and cheap.

Sunset Park, Brooklyn

People who live here swear that Sunset Park is the best place in the world to settle in! And why? Well, there are tons of reasons, and most of them will be very appreciated by young professionals. Sunset Park has an amazing architecture that will make you feel like you are traveling back in time. Yes, the housing prices here come with a heftier price tag, but if you can afford it, you should certainly not miss out. Moreover, this neighborhood is also on the radar for some other things – unbeatable views, diverse population, old-school partying, some of the most exciting bars and restaurants in the world, and a waterfront area. And, most importantly, here you can easily find a job and avoid the need to commute to other neighborhoods or boroughs. So, if you like what you hear, why not settle down in your new Sunset Park house?

Astoria, Queens

Astoria, a neighborhood in Queens was originally occupied by Italian and Greek residents. But, today, it represents a vibrant, diverse and active place to call home. Nowadays there are so many people moving to Astoria, and there are two reasons for that – rent affordability and closeness to Manhattan. Yes, according to NYC real estate experts, Astoria is one of the cheapest places for renting an apartment in the entire New York City. YOu can easily find a one-bedroom apartment for approximately $1,500. Not bad for New York, right? And, as mentioned earlier, Astoria is just 15 minutes away from the center of Manhattan, which is great if you need to commute. The transportation system is also well-developed. Moreover, here you can find plenty of things to do on your days off. Trust, us Astoria too is one of the best NYC areas for young professionals.

Houses in Astoria

If you move to Astoria, you will soon realize why this neighborhood is one of the best NYC areas for everybody!

Boerum Hill, Brooklyn

Boerum Hill in Brooklyn really does represent something different. Maybe something you were not expecting. It is very close to Manhattan, but it offers a quite different lifestyle. That is, instead of being busy, vibrant, and really out there, Boerum Hill will offer you an easy, relaxed and laid back lifestyle. Most people here live in homes and prefer having a close-knit community with all of their neighbors. Even shopping, eating out and walking on the street is carefree and stress-free. So, if you are a young professional who has to spend its working hours in Manhattan, but you really crave some peace and quiet, consider relocating here. You can easily hire Boerum Hill professionals who can assist your move, and help you relocate here in no time. 

A woman walking down the street.

When in Boerum Hill, say goodbye to crowds.

Financial District, Manhattan

Well, it goes without saying that the Financial District in Manhattan is probably one of the Best NYC areas for young professionals. It is home to the New York Stock Exchange and the center of American businesses. Yes, here there are many companies and business looking for talents with various skills from all over the world. So, if you are in the need of a job, this is a place to go. However, this neighborhood is not all about businesses. It has many other things to offer – cuisine from all over the world, pubs, clubs, bars, Tribeca Film Festival, museums, and many more. When it comes to housing options, most young professionals live in studios. If you want to find the right home to rent in NYC, here, be prepared for rents that can break the bank. Try to find a roommate if you want to save some money and live more comfortably.