Best places to live in Lauderhill, Florida

One of the luxury condo buildings you can expect if you decide to live in Lauderhill, Florida.

Often referred to as a suburb of Fort Lauderdale, Lauderhill is actually a city. Those who decide to live in Lauderhill, Florida will find highly urbanized surroundings combined with plenty of parks. Which, in general, gives you much space to spend some time in outdoor activities. Its quieter neighborhoods with above-average schools provide a great opportunity for families with kids. And for those who are looking for more vibrant nightlife, there are many options downtown. Eventually, you can always visit nearby places like Fort Lauderdale or Pompano Beach for more action.

Places to live in Lauderhill, Florida

Lauderhill has many distinct places worth checking out. In your search for the best place to settle in, you should gather as much information as you can. Not every part of every city is superb, the best, and equal, and the same goes for Lauderhill. Despite their uniqueness, some parts are, according to people, better than others. From the crime rate to entertainment options, each neighborhood might differ drastically. While some may look for a quiet place to spend their retirement, others might look for the more active communities. Overall, there is something for everyone in Lauderhill. Mostly, there are multiple places with great food, friendly neighbors, and fantastic fun. But there are also more neglected areas which do their best to improve in the future.

Since the city is working hard to restore it’s full glory, like back in the days, we will mention some of the best places to live in, at the moment. Just remember, the next time you start searching for reliable movers to help you out, you should consolidate Vision Movers FL about necessary help with moving in Lauderhill. Here are some of the places in Lauderhill worth checking:

  • Park South
  • Inverrary
  • Westwood Park
  • Boulevard East
  • Castle Gardens
  • Edgewood Greens

Park South

This is a neighborhood in Lauderhill that offers mostly condos. Despite the first urban impression, this area has many recreational parks for the community to enjoy. A well-established community that it’s now, attracts many young professionals to the area. Thanks to the affordable prices, prices go anywhere between $25,000 – $80,000, people choose to settle here. The community here has numerous amenities at disposal, so you will rarely have a need to go to other parts for groceries and such. If it sounds great, you can have an express and simple move to your new neighborhood without much trouble. Overall, it’s a great place where you can expect low costs condo lifestyle.

Fort Lauderdale with houses and boats.
If you need more entertainment, Fort Lauderdale is quite near.


One of the most prominent parts of Lauderhill wasn’t always like this. In the past, from 1970 to 1990 it was a very affordable neighborhood. Most of the homes were built in that period. But, that doesn’t mean they are old, or in any way in a bad condition. On the contrary to the assumptions, this is now one of the most expensive parts. Those who can spare from $40,000 to over $400,000, will have the possibility to choose from various time periods and styles. On the other side, while houses can be pretty expensive, the condominium and renting lifestyle is still at the median level. More importantly, you get a fair share of luxurious amenities like community pools and wonderful shops. That’s one of the reasons why executive, management, and professional occupations prefer this area.

Large and nice looking living room with plenty of brightness.
You can find some of the spacious options in the Inverrary.

Westwood Park

Westwood Park area offers plenty of convenient homes at very reasonable prices. Between $60,000 and $230,000, you can find some pretty spacious homes. Including, all the beneficial additions like driveway, carports, and garages. The architecture of homes and surroundings are making it a solid place for families. And, of course, for those who are planning one in the future. Closer to the Tamarac side, you get to meet diverse people from many cultural and religious backgrounds. Together, they are forming a pleasant community quite welcoming to newcomers. Additionally, they take pride in their school system which is on the above-average level. And of course, a quiet lifestyle and low crime rates.

Boulevard East

Boulevard East features midsize single-family homes perfect for growing families. Although prices can go as high as $380,000, you can find a three-bedroom/two-bathroom place for much less. This tight community is attracting more and more families over the last couple of years that look for a family-friendly environment. And it’s quite easy to acquire all the moving-related assistance of any kind. In general, this is the area with some of the most beautiful views, a plethora of shopping options, and a high-quality high school.

Castle Gardens

Another condominium place where you can find plenty of friendly people. It’s an interesting area that features big pools, easily accessible malls, and quality bus service. Mostly oriented to single residents, for $20,000 – $255,000 you can get anything from single room condo to the average size apartment. It’s a clean and well-maintained area where you can enjoy everything from clubhouse and bowling to the wonderful view of the lake. Not to mention that there is a decent amount of parking lots and a good connection to other parts.

Edgewood Greens

At the edge of the Lauderhill Parks and Recreation complex, you will find this appealing little community. Praised for its affordability, first-time movers can easily obtain an average size condo for about $20,000 – $90,000. The park offers a great place for children and adults to enjoy outdoor activities, or just relax beside the water. Usually, you get the chance to spend your free time swimming and relaxing at the community pool. Or, visit a clubhouse and join many activities with other friendly residents. For kids, there is a Lauderhill Paul Turner Elementary School, Lauderhill 6-12 STEM-MED Magnet School, and Boyd H. Anderson High School. If you need more space, you can easily find plenty of family houses in the surrounding area.

A woman in a red dress relaxing by the water.
Nothing stops you from relaxing by the water.

Lauderhill is a comfortable and affordable city to live in, work, and raise a family. Should you choose to live in Lauderhill, Florida, you won’t be disappointed with the prices and greenery around. There are also various cultural institutions like Lauderhill Performing Arts Center and plenty of other things that make this place stand out.