Best small towns in Florida

A lighthouse in one of the best small towns in Florida.

So, you are planning your relocation to Florida but you still do not know which place to choose. However, you are sure that you want to avoid big cities for you are a person who enjoys a small-town vibe. There is no need for you to worry for you have plenty of time to choose your future home. So, make sure to choose it smartly. That is why we are here to offer you our help. We will provide you with some information about the best small towns in Florida. Stay with us and read our list carefully.

Cedar Key is among the best small towns in Florida

Cedar Key is one of the small towns in Florida. It has a rich history. Moreover, some of the most famous historical events related to this small town are Indian War, Pre-Civil War, and Civil War among others. As for education, it has a school and a public library. This small town can be a perfect place for you to start over.

Mount Dora

Placed in Lake County Florida, Mount Dora is a beautiful city with Lake Dora. It is famous for its small-town charm. Moreover, it has to offer many antique shops which can be very interesting for many people. Also, one of three freshwater lighthouses in Florida is located in Mount Dora. This place hosts many festivals on a monthly bases. Therefore, it is known as the Festival City. If you are a person who likes festivals Cedar Key may be the perfect home for you.

Mount Dora, Florida, is one of the best small towns in Florida.

Mount Dora is one of the most beautiful small towns in Florida to live.


Dunedin is a small town in Florida famous for its beautiful beaches. Even if you have a beach home here, you can just remodel it on a budget and enjoy it immensely. It is worth mentioning that this place is well known for the absence of commercial giants such as chains of stores and restaurants. This small town has a stadium and a public library. If you are moving to Florida it can be the perfect option for starting a new life.

A sunset at one of the numerous beaches in Florida.

Dunedin is one of the best small towns in Florida.

Crystal River

Crystal River is a small town in Florida. It is home to Crystal River Archaeological State Park, while Crystal River Preserve State Park is located nearby. Also, this town has a couple of schools. More precisely, primary school, middle school, and high school are situated there. So, if you have children this can be a good option for your relocation.


Islamorada is actually incorporated village in Florida. It has a tropical climate. If you love small places this can easily be a suitable location for you. So, when you finally decide where you want to move the best thing you can do is to contact and make the whole relocation process a lot easier.


Destin is one of the most beautiful places in Florida. It is well known for its emerald green waters and white beaches which attract many visitors. This means that Destin is a popular tourist destination in Florida. In addition, it can be a perfect home to people who do not mind tourists.


Venice is a place in Florida famous for its fossilized shark’s teeth on its local shores. For this reason, it is a host to many festivals every year. If you like places like this one, Venice can be perfect for you to move there and start a new life. If you are planning on moving from Miami to distant parts of Florida that will bring you the peace of mind, do you best to organize your relocation properly.

Fort Pierce

Located in Florida, Fort Pierce is known as the Sunrise City. Generally, this place has a humid subtropical climate and it is one of the best small towns in Florida. Also, it has a harbor and both public and private schools. If you are moving with a family, this can be one of your options.


Apalachicola is a city in Florida. Its name comes from the Apalachicola tribe. It has a rich history and a humid subtropical climate. So, it can be the perfect place for you to move.

Tarpon Springs

Tarpon Springs is a city in Florida that is well known for its sponge industry and historic places. Interestingly, many Greeks choose this place for their home. In addition, Tarpon Springs is a city with the largest number of the Greek population in the United States of America.

A board on sponge industry in Tarpon Springs, Florida.

Tarpon Springs can be just perfect for your relocation.

St. Pete Beach

St. Pete Beach is a tourist destination in Florida. It has a couple of schools. In addition, it has many restaurants, bars and stores perfect for shopping which is convenient for both people who live there and the ones who are there on vacation.


Stuart is a place in Florida and many people consider that it is one of the best small towns to visit in the United States. It has a tropical rainforest climate. This city has many employers. For the ones who are interested in arts and culture, it has to offer Lyric Theatre, Stuart Heritage Museum, Elliott Museum, Tropical Ranch Botanical Garden and more. Moreover, people who are moving to Florida often choose this small town.


Williston is a place in Florida that has a humid subtropical climate. This city has three public schools and a library. Also, it is well known for popular diving spots. As for arts and culture, Williston also has what to offer. It is not a bad place for your relocation.

Anna Maria

Anna Maria is a small city in Florida with beautiful beaches. If you prefer warm small places you can easily choose Anna Maria for your new home. Also, it is worth mentioning that Juan Ponce de Leon named this small city after the queen of Spain.

DeFuniak Springs

According to some sources, DeFuniak Springs is the best small town in Florida. It has a humid subtropical climate. Also, it is a convenient place for people with children for it has six public schools and one private school as well. If you plan your family relocation, DeFuniak Springs might be a smart choice.