Best things in Miami to see and do

Miami, the Magic City. One of the most instantly recognizable cities in the world, this Atlantic coast city is a city of possibilities. It is most famous for its beaches and nightlife, but in reality, this city can offer a lot more than an average person knows. Whether you are coming to visit, or you just moved here, we have prepared for you a list of best things in Miami to do and see. Take a look at it, make a plan out if and enjoy Miami to the fullest. It is most famous for its beaches and nightlife, but in reality, this city can offer a lot more than an average tourist knows. This list will be useful for both, the locals and the tourists since Miami is definitely a city with a vibrantly charming soul, and to get to know the whole of it is no easy task.


Finding new home in Miami

Find your new home in Miami

What are the best things in Miami to see?

Miami beach

Is there anyone who, when Miami is mentioned, does not instantly think about those magnificent sandy beaches? They are the trademark symbol of this city and a definite must-see. They have been the site of so many movies and TV shows, that they are really hard to miss, and even if you are not a sea-loving person, the view itself is more than worth it.

Vizcaya Museum & Gardens

Located in Coconut Grove, it is one of the chief attractions of Miami, thanks to its Renaissance architecture and its wonderful gardens surrounding it. That is not all, however. You can also see an astonishing collection of antiquities, originating from 16th until the 19th century.

Stairs in Vizcaya complex

A picture of stairs in Vizcaya complex

Miami Seaquarium

Located on the Virginia Key island in Biscayne Bay, it is one of the oldest oceanariums in the USA. You can see the dolphin show there (after all, Flipper was filmed there), but that is not all. You can also see Lolita, the killer whale, some sea lions and more.

The Miami Science Museum

One of the best things in Miami’s repertoire is the Patricia and Phillip Frost Museum of Science, which is its full name, and it is a place where, no matter how many times you visit, you will always find something new. For more than sixty years, this museum has been a place of awe and inspiration. Through various exhibits, you can experience the wonders of many scientific areas covered there like physics, chemistry or biology.

Fairchild Tropical Botanic Garden

Filled with an extensive collection of various rare tropical flora like vines, flowering trees, palm trees and more, this is a place of tranquility and beauty. You can find it south of Miami, surrounded by an urban park of Matheson Hammock. Here you can walk for as long as you like, and relax your mind and body.

The Venetian Pool

Phineas Paist designed this historic masterpiece in 1924 and is one of the architectural jewels of Miami. This is the largest pool with fresh water in the United States, displacing about 800,000 gallons of water daily. You can take a ride in gondolas, and imagine that you are in Venice rather easily. The reason for that is that the whole place, including a bridge, classic mooring poles, and even a waterfall it was built in the Venetian style.

Versailles restaurant

If you ever wanted to visit Cuba, but never got the chance, visit Versailles and make your dreams come true. There you can enjoy the toasted Cuban sandwiches, and drink the famous authentic Cuban coffee while listening to their recognizable music.

Best things in Miami

You can enjoy the sunset on a beach in Miami with your friends

What are the best things in Miami to do?

Go for a ride at the Metromover

Taking a ride on this entirely automated people mover system should be on everybody’s Miami bucket list. This 4.4 miles long ride through the city provides a very unique experience as is runs through the city connecting some of its most important locations such as Miami-Dade College, American Airlines Arena and Bayside Market Place.

Miami's metromover

Metromover in action

Avocado wine

If you like experimenting with wine tastes, you should go to the Schnebly Winery in Homestead. There you can try light white wines made of avocados and mangoes. There are many creative mixes made out of exotic fruit, and so, whether you are a wine person or not, this is definitely a must.

Hand-crafted beer

After you finish with tasting wines, you can simply cross the street and go to Miami Brewing Company. They are Miami’s first production craft brewery and are quickly becoming more and more popular. The reason for this is the creative approach to the products, which involves developing new combinations of many spices, fruits, and herbs.

Go to a party at LIV

One of the best things in Miami for party people out there is LIV. This megaclub’s grand opening was for Victoria’s Secret show and they have maintained that level of entertainment ever since. The likes of Martin Garix, Kanye West, Justin Bieber, and Drake are common guests here, but the story does not end there. Celebrities are not just the stars of the show, but they can also be found in the crowd, fully enjoying themselves every weekend.

Ice skate, bowl, and dance

Ice skate, bowl, and dance all in one place! Where? In the Basement! One of the best things in Miami for sure, this place is a rather unique addition to the city’s nightlife. This entertainment hub contains a nightclub, an ice-skating rink, and a bowling alley. Famous lighting designer Patrick Woodroffe designed the lighting and projection effects which, combined with the sound system of the highest order provide a truly special feeling for anyone who ventures into the Basement.

Check out the Wynwood Walls

Do you like street art? Then you have to visit the Wynwood Walls. This place is one the most mesmerizing street art collections in the world. Whole blocks are covered with amazing artworks portraying pretty much everything that comes to your mind. Walking through this part of the city is like being in an outdoor exhibition. This is simply a must for every art lover.