Best U.S. states for hot weather fans

A building in Louisiana, one of the best U.S. states for hot weather fans.

Hot weather fans should read this while trying to find the perfect state for them. We will be exploring some of the states with the best weather. Having amazing weather can do wonders for your mood. Living by the beach can also be like a dream come true. That’s why many people decide to retire in Florida. This state is the best if you like hot weather and you can find some amazing beaches. Finally, here is our detailed list of some of the best U.S. states for hot weather fans.

Best U.S. states for hot weather fans

Of course, Florida is perfect for hot weather fans, but there are others. Texas, Louisiana, and California are perfect if you enjoy summer all year long. There are some differences in climate too. Florida can be tricky because of the humidity and people with some health issues, but if you have none it can be perfect. Texas is great and the people are very friendly but no beaches there. California is amazing, but prices can be amazingly high if you want to live there. Louisiana is great weather-wise. Summers are long and winters are quite short and mild. The plus side – Louisiana has beaches. So let’s explore those states some more.


Many of the Hollywood movies are about this place. This is the iconic state. Some of the biggest IT companies started here. Looking at those movies and TV shows you will see beautiful beaches and sunny days all year long and there is truth in that. But, don’t be fooled there is no such thing as the dream state those movies talk about. Just like every other state, there are many problems in California too. This state is overcrowded and because of that, it’s very expensive. Not many people can afford a nice place here. That doesn’t mean no one can. Maybe you are one of the lucky ones.

The aerial view of a street in California, one of the best U. S. states for hot weather fans.
This state is known for its amazing weather and exquisite beaches.


Well, here you will find some of the friendliest people in the states and the best food. Southern hospitality is a real thing, so fitting here won’t be very hard. The weather is quite hot and many people enjoy it and there is as much humidity so people with respiratory issues will adapt easier than in Florida. Texas can also offer you good prices on real estate so if you like ranches and extra space you will be able to find some really amazing ranches especially in rural places that are quite affordable.

Texas light sign.
Some of the friendliest people in the world live here. If you choose this state to be your new home you will also have an amazing food to explore and you will be able to barbecue whole year long because of that great weather.


This state is famous for its food, jazz music, and festivals (especially Mardi Gras). As you can see this is quite a fun place. This place is perfect for hot weather fans. Summers are hot and winters are very mild. Besides the great weather, this state can offer you a diverse culture, low costs of living, and some of the best cities to live in America. So in a way, this state just might be the perfect place for many. Lafayette, Baton Rouge, New Orleans, and Shreveport are the best places to live here. If you plan to relocate to this state make sure to contact Zippy Shell Louisiana to help you out.


The whole world knows this is the perfect retirement destination. But, Florida is way more than just the state with no taxes and senior centers. This state has a culture of its own, amazing food, some of the most beautiful beaches in this world, and diverse people from all around the world. Actually, it’s very common to hear people speak Spanish just as much they speak English. If you want to live in a big metropole you can always go to Miami. If suburban areas are more for you – well there is plenty to choose from. The weather is hot just like you would wish for if you are living on the beach. It is humid but healthy people rarely mind that.

Florida beach at sunset.
Can you see yourself living on the beach?

Choosing the state

This is not the easy task. You need to plan ahead. Make a pro and con list. Look for job opportunities. Include the whole family into this decision. Talk to your closest friends but also do some research before making any decisions.

Relocation to some of the top states for hot weather fans

Relocation is never an easy process. You start with planning and then preparing. If done right packing is then easier. For the packing to go easy you need to declutter first so you don’t pack items you don’t even need. There is something you can do besides planning smart and packing – you can hire professional help. Movers are the easy way out, a way to avoid all that heavy lifting and moving hassle. Heavy lifting can be quite dangerous if not done right and you definitely want to avoid hurting yourself. Also, if you are in need of additional storage you should definitely consider the closest and cheapest way. Mobile solutions are the best if you want to save some money and have your household items nearby. So think about that one.

Adaptation to one of the best U. S. states for hot weather fans hot weather state

It’s time to get rid of your uggs or any other winter boots and coats. You won’t be needing them. You can start preparing for this amazing weather you will have. That means dressing accordingly and being careful not to get and sunburns. Having sun cream is always smart. Good luck and your new and upcoming adventure of moving to a perfect sunny state. One of those above will surely work great for you. Just remember to stay safe on your moving day and enjoy your perfect weather when you finally relocate.