Can moving expenses be deducted?

Calculating can moving expenses be deducted.

Do you have a small budget for relocation? Can you have a successful move on a tight budget? How to manage your moving and organize everything within your price range? Can moving expenses be deducted and how to cut some of the moving costs?

Luckily for you, moving costs can be deducted and there are some simple steps to take and you will save money. It is one of the major concerns when moving – total costs. We know how to handle this problem.

Moving boxes.

It is time to relocate and everyone knows it is not cheap, so money is one of the biggest concerns

Can moving expenses be deducted and how?

Yes, they can! You just need to plan your relocation in advance. First, set a moving budget and how much you can spend. Moving is not cheap and many people do their best to save money. Especially if they are moving to a place that has higher costs of living such as NYC or LA. We know some of the ways to save money when moving that you can use.

  • Moving boxes can be really expensive, especially if you need a lot of them. Try to find free moving boxes in supermarkets, bars or local stores. But, we recommend using firm boxes for fragile items because of safety.
  • Choosing between DIY and hiring a professional moving company is one of the firsts steps to take. You can have affordable moving and still have a professional on your side. People often ask can moving expenses be deducted by hiring a moving company. Yes, sometimes relocation gets more affordable with movers.
  • Move offseason because it is cheaper. Moving companies have fewer jobs and if you are able to choose a moving date, don’t choose the end of the month, weekends and try to avoid summer months.
  • Pack your household items by yourself (without hiring professional packers) and ask a couple of friends to help you with heavy and large items. You will save a lot of money this way, but you need to ask for help.
  • Declutter before packing and don’t move items you don’t use anymore. Keep in mind that moving costs mostly depend on the size and weight of your move.
  • Before signing a moving contract, read it carefully. What is included in the price you are paying, are your items insured, what will happen if they get damaged or lost, etc.
A golden piggy bank - Can moving expenses be deducted?

Can moving expenses be deducted? Save some money for a period after moving 


There are other different ways to save money when moving such as organizing a yard sale or saving receipts to deduct taxes. If you wondered can moving expenses be deducted, now you know that they can and how they can be deducted. Talk to other people who moved recently about moving costs and how did they manage it. Good luck with your relocation, and if you know other ideas about saving money when moving, feel free to leave a comment.