How to protect floors when moving in

feet and a wooden floor,

You are done with your move. You have researched all the moving hacks and finished your move problem-free. However, now you are at your new home, and you do not want to do any damage to your new floors. Because you might lose your deposit or it will make your new place look uglier. To […]

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First time home buyers benefits guide

A beautiful house in Martha's Vineyard.

So, you’ve decided it’s time to buy your first home. It’s a wonderful idea, although the whole process can sometimes feel like trouble. Folks that have gone through it know the drill. You’re in need of some useful advice, believe us. That’s where we come into the picture. There are certain advantages to being a […]

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Unpacking course: what should go first and what people forget during the process

A woman celebrating the successful unpacking process after finishing our unpacking course

Packing and unpacking are boring chores let’s be honest. There should be something like an unpacking course. Many people actually find it overwhelming and hire professional movers to help out with those chores. Unpacking course In order to unpack easily, you need to pack smart and label all the boxes. Unpacking random boxes and searching […]

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Downsides of moving off-season

What are the downsides of moving off season?

If you are planning to relocate during the off-season, keep in mind that it might not be a simple thing. In other words, there are the downsides of moving off-season. The preparation is the same as when it is the moving season. You have to plan your packing process, set the moving costs, look for […]

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