Things you should pack first when moving

three boxes in which to place things you should pack first before the move

When planning a relocation, it’s so easy to get caught up in the logistics part of the job. However, organizing and executing a successful move are two different things. Unless you’ve hired professional packers, you’ll find packing is a much more complicated task than it may seem. Seeing as all your stuff needs to be […]

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How much you should save for home repairs

A major repair on a house roof that makes you wonder about how much you should save for home repairs.

The amount of money you should save for home repairs is almost impossible to determine. Mostly, it’s because it depends on way too many factors. The general condition of your home, the age, the weather, even the location are just a part of things that influence repair costs. Not to mention the fluctuation in prices […]

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Moving your fish tank – how to do it right?

Fish tank waiting to be moved.

When you’re moving there are many things on your mind. And moving your fish tank may seem like a major task to complete. Especially if it’s one of the larger ones. However, with extensive and precise planning this can be done on any scale. To another room, another building, or another state. It’s important to […]

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