How to convert your attic into a loft?

Attic with a lot of natural light and wooden floors.

No matter how big or small our homes are, we always have a need for extra space. When this happens, it is always a better idea to build up than to move out. Moving should be your last resort, especially if you love your home. Why would you leave all the great memories that you have made over the years in your living space? There are ways to get some extra space in your current residents and one of the best ways to do that is by converting your attic. There is a lot that you need to know if you decide to covert your attic and we are here to lend a hand. So, let’s get started and convert your attic into something spectacular.

Is your attic suitable for conversion?

Your first step must be checking local building codes. If you do anything else before this, you are seriously jumping the gun. At first, you might not meet the requirements. Do not panic! That is alright because there are ways to go about this problem. You can add projects to your renovation process to meet the building codes. By doing so, you will fulfill the requirements requested by the local building codes. This is something that your contractor can help you with. Since they have a lot of experience, they will have valuable advice. Don’t give up if you come to a hurdle. Converting your attic or converting your basement into a living space will be a great reward once completed.

You can convert your attic when you meet these requirements

These two requirements must be met from the jump in order to convert your attic into a loft or any other type of living space:

  • Room height – this would cover the space from the ceiling to the floors. This space shouldn’t be smaller than 7 feet, otherwise, it will be hard for you to function in this space.
  • Heating and cooling – your attic should be able to retain the temperature of 68 F. Most of the time this is not a problem since attics have isolation.
Light gray and white living room with white stairs going to the top floor of the house.

Stairs will be an important part of interior design once you convert your attic.

Conversion costs and hiring a contractor

These two things go hand in hand. You will certainly need a contractor to handle converting your attic because this is a project that you cannot handle on your own unless you are an actual contractor. Your costs will mostly depend on the size of your attic and the list of things that you want to change in order to convert your attic into a loft or some other living space. Once you determined what changes you want to make, place it all in writing, make a list and start contacting contractors. The potential contractor can make you an estimate. Meet all potential contractors, gather their estimates and opinions on the project and only after that make the final decision. Choosing a contractor is like choosing a moving company. Take your time and make the best choice for you. In case you do need a moving professional contact AAA Insta-Move Orlando.

How much money should you spend on this project?

Typically, when looking to convert your attic, you shouldn’t spend more than 15% of your total home’s value. Everything above that number is too much of an investment and it will cost you more then you will benefit from it. This is not just a storage unit to add some space in your house, it is an actual living space. Still, it shouldn’t kill your bank account. If you need to invest more then suggested, rethink your options.

Benefits from adapting your attic

There are multiple benefits from changing your attic into a more functional living space or loft. However, here are some main perks.

Extra space and the return of the investment

Undoubtedly this project will increase the value of your property. Returns of this type of investment are usually somewhere around 60%. Not bad for property investment. Because you already have a roof and floors it is a much cheaper option than building an addition portion to your property. Plus, sometimes there is no room for building additional space next to the property, so you are left with this one option.

A pink and white girls bedroom you can convert your attic into

An attic is also a great place for a kids’ room. Especially for teenagers since they need more space and independence then smaller kids.

Additional income

Converting your attic into a loft is always a great idea if you are looking to become a landlord. Before you make a move get familiar with local codes and determine do you have a green light from local codes to put your place on the renting market. Once you cover that you can feel free to look for responsible tenants. By renting your living space in the attic, you will open your home to somebody else, but you will still have your own space and privacy. As well as your future tenant.

Convert your attic into a stylish loft

You will have your contractor assist you with procedural issues and constructional processes. However, once that is done it is time to put on your interior designer hat. Small space design is always tricky. There is much to think about when making a loft out of empty space. The fact that you are converting an attic into a loft only makes things more difficult. Here are some details you must consider when decorating and renovating: sloped ceiling, walls, flooring, window types, stairs, etc. Each and every one of these things will be a mini project within this big endeavor. Consider hiring professionals to help you if your budget allows you to.

Big closet with an island dresser in the middle of the room.

In case you do not need an extra loft, you can convert your attic into a closet.

As you can see, once you decide to convert your attic into a loft or some other type of space, you will have your plate full. However, there are multiple benefits once you finish this big but oh so important project. Our best advice would be to hire professionals to help you because of some details you will not be able to handle. Hire a contractor and an interior designer and get the best possible use of your attic.