Essentials every cozy beach house needs

A beautiful beach home directly next to the water.

Owning a cozy beach house is a dream for many. Feeling the warm golden sand in the morning and the ocean breeze on your face can’t be beaten. So, if your bank account is getting thick it might be the perfect time to make this dream a reality. Of course, you want your comfy beach house to be as close as possible to the beach. However, there are other features that you need to think about. Here are a few that you shouldn’t miss out on.

Essential features that every cozy beach house should have

It doesn’t matter if you are buying your house in Florida, California, or anywhere else. There a few amenities that your new beach gem must-have.

An outdoor shower

You might think, that a pool on your property is something that shouldn’t be lacking. But, the same goes for an outdoor shower. They have proven to be an extremely useful extra in every single beach home. You can use them to wash up after using the pool, wash off extra sand before entering your home, etc. It might not be fancy essential but it is useful. If your house allows extreme privacy you can think about having an outdoor shower place for your intimate showers. If you think about it the sky is the limit.

A nice and big showerhead in the backyard of your cozy beach house.
When installing an outdoor shower there will be plenty of different shower heads to choose from.

Don’t forget about your guests – have a guest room

If your buying budget allows you to, always purchase a cozy beach house with an extra room. You can’t even imagine how handy this room might get. Word spreads around quickly. In no time all your friends and relatives will know that you are a brand new property owner with the nicest view of the beach. Consequently, you will get quite a few knocks on your door. Some might be even unwanted. So, make sure your couch gets a break and your guests have a place to stay. Plus there are great ways to design your guest room and have a blast while you are at it.

Have an outside fire pit

Nights on the ocean side can get pretty chilly. That is why a fire pit at night can be the most comfortable and relaxing thing to enjoy. It has a calming and soothing vibe while adding that little extra coolness to your yard. Not to mention you can finally enjoy smores and home grilled hotdogs whenever you want.

A fire lingering in a beach house backyard.
Even on a beach property, a fire pit outside can be an amazing addition to your yard.


Investing in a cozy beach house might not be the best choice as your number one home investment. With the exception being if you are retired or working from home without kids. Usually, they are a bit secluded, which they should be if you want to enjoy peace and quiet. However, it can be an excellent investment as a rental property or vacation home. Nothing can beat spending your weekends by the sea and feeling the ocean freeze and smell all day long. But, before you start looking for your ideal beach home, think about which essentials you would like it to have.