The most exclusive neighborhoods in Miami

The most exclusive neighborhoods in Miami.

Miami is a special city, like no other in the world. It is a real cosmopolitan and diverse town, and so are the neighborhoods in Miami. Miami is also called “Caribbean New York”, a that is maybe its most accurate description. As the only part of the continental United States that has a tropical climate and spirit, it’s no wonder why attract so many people to live here. If you are planning to move to Florida and have a dilemma which city will be perfect for you, Miami should be the first on your list. Since is the city with the mixture of many nations, people are very accepting, friendly and open to newcomers. After only a few days, you will feel like a local.

Pros of living in Miami:

  • Great weather most of the year – Don’t pack your winter gear because most of Miami days are sunny and hot. The thin jacket is all you need during the cold months to keep you warm.
  • No state taxes – Maybe you didn’t know this, but the State of Florida doesn’t tax its citizens.
    So in Miami, you only have federal taxes to worry about.
  • The South Beach nightlife – the Miami nightlife is one of the best in the world.
    Cheerful, Carribian spirit, Miami lifestyle, abundant of interesting restaurants, crazy beach parties, amazing nightclubs, and bars make every going out an unforgettable experience.
  • Superb beaches – What’s better than spending the day relaxing on the beach? In Miami, you can enjoy the beautiful beaches most of the year. Endless miles of white-sand beaches are the main reason why many choose to live in this glorious city.
Miami skyscrapers

Miami nightlife is one of the best in the world.

  • Great family activities – There are so many amazing activities that you can enjoy with your family.
    Like snorkeling or swimming with dolphins, visiting the Miami Zoo or Miami Sea Aquarium, take a Swamp Boat Ride or just relax at some of the great family-friendly beaches.
  • Wonderful community living for seniors – Many choose to spend their retirement in Miami, surrounded by palm trees and gorgeous beaches that this town has to offer. There are neighborhoods especially design for retirees to enjoy.

Cons of living in Miami:

For many, the major con of living in Miami is actually one of its perks – the tropical climate. Some just can’t stand the heat and humidity during the summer months. Others have no problem with it, especially because all of the public areas, office buildings and facilities are equipped with the air condition systems. It’s the main characteristic of the tropical climate – the weather is very warm and humidity is high during the summer.

Miami has a lot of amazing beaches.

Beautifull beaches are one of the major advantages of the Miami.

The good thing is that you will acclimate very fast, and in no time you won’t notice the heat.

The most exclusive neighborhoods in Miami

Miami is a very big city, and it provides something for everybody. There are Miami neighborhoods that are perfect for family, areas that are the best for young professionals, neighborhoods most suitable for seniors and some grand five-star neighborhoods.
That’s why most elites decide to call Miami their home.
If you are looking for the luxurious home, check out these exclusive Miami neighborhoods.

There are some really exclusive neighborhoods in Miami.

Some of the neighborhoods in Miami are very prestigious and exclusive.

Fisher Island

This neighborhood in Miami is exclusive as it gets – it’s on the private island. The only access on the Fisher Island is by boat or a boat ferry, so here you have a complete privacy. This Miami neighborhood has everything you need and so much more. There are luxurious spas and wellness centers, vast golf course, many swimming pools, tennis courts, great shopping places and amazing luxurious restaurants. Fisher Island even has its own private school. It’s an oasis of tropical landscaping and Mediterranean architecture, made for enjoyment and high-class living. Fisher Island also has the highest per capita income of any place in the United States. It is one of the most prestigious neighborhoods in Miami.

Indian Creek Village

Indian Creek Village is the most exclusive village in America. This dubbed ‘billionaire bunker’ has only 35 homes on of just over 250 acres.
It is so exclusive and private that it has its own police.
The private police patrol 24-hours a day on jet ski’s so they will make sure that no uninvited guests come near this premium neighborhood. Indian Creek Village is a tiny island but it has a bridge that connects it to the mainland, which is also heavily guarded. The center of the island is an ultra-exclusive country club and the streets and mansions are surrounding it. Many celebrities such as singer Hulio Iglesias and supermodel Adriana Lima have properties in this Miami neighborhood, as do some mystery billionaires.

Venetian Islands

If you like the idea of living on the luxurious island, what do you think about a bunch of them? Venetian Islands is a glamorous neighborhood in Miami that is made up of six islands: Biscayne, San Marco, Di Lido, San Marino, Belle Isle and Rivo Alto.
A  private toll road named the Venetian Causeway is connecting the islands.
Each of these islands has a different architectural style. Thanks to its’ implausible views and convenient location, Venetian Islands have become one of the most desirable neighborhoods in Miami.

Gables Estates

Gables Estates is definitely one of the most prestigious neighborhoods in Miami. It is a secluded sanctuary of South Miami, comprised of 170 estate homes.
Individuality and beauty of the palatial homes are the biggest pride of the residential of Gables Estates.
Neighborhood offers a wide variety of properties to suit any style or taste. There are a lot of gorgeous homes in the Spanish and Mediterranean style, which are a rarity in this part of South Florida.
Immaculate homes, enchanting tree-lined streets, and gorgeous waterfront views are making it a prime neighborhood in Miami.