Family relocation from Missouri to Florida: 5 packing hacks

family of three with a lot of packing boxes

Moving to Florida is often an exciting thing. You get to have a fresh start in the new neighborhood. However, you will be leaving your cozy home in Missouri, a place that you’ve built with your family, and that’s never easy. A lot of emotional stress, fear of the unknown, and change of environment, can make a relocation process difficult for yourself and your family. In order to make your family move smoothly, you need to arm yourself with patience and follow few simple packing hacks. As always – make a packing plan for an effortless packing process.

Before the move

One of the most important things when it comes to family relocation is being on the same level with your family. Having to move from their homes can fall very hard on your kids. Make no mistake, your children will give you hell, especially if we’re talking about teenagers.

Therefore, it’s important to have a serious talk with your kids and explain to them the reasons for your move and the benefits your move will bring them.

Book a moving company

Finding a reliable moving company for cross-country relocation is always risky. The best way to do it is to do proper research and reach out to trained crews in the area. As you know, the relocation process carries a lot of stress, so having recommendable professionals to take care of it will ease the burden from your shoulders.

man from a moving company checking list
Hiring a reliable moving crew is a crucial when it comes to family relocation

That way you can focus on more important things, like preparing your family for their new surrounding and making a plan for adjustment in your new Florida neighborhood.

Doing research will help you avoid scam moving companies

In order to avoid potential scams and all kinds of possible mishaps, you could use all the help you can get from a reliable moving company. Our partners from will make sure you have the top professional assistance from one of the many reputable teams they manage.

Research about the differences between Missouri and Florida, and introduce your family to all the possibilities their new place can offer. It might take some time, but eventually, they will come around and accept it. After all, it’s just a place, because home is where the family is.

Now, it’s packing time!

Mother and a son in front of a computer
Show your kids the fun stuff their new town can offer

Hack 1: Write everything down

Even though the main part of the packing process will be on you, make sure to include the rest of the family. Your kids will develop some organizational skills. And you will have some help to make the packing easier with packing hacks. Your plans should have:

  • list of things to bring with you
  • list of things to throw out
  • write down how many of your possessions need special treatment in order to acquire necessary supplies
  • calculate the packing supplies expenses
  • clean your house during packing in order to save time
  • make sure to check your list after every step you make
  • double-check if you forgot to pack something

Don’t forget to separate the essentials!

Have in mind that you will be needing some of the things with you after the moving company comes. So before you start with serious packing, pack a bag of essentials to have with you for the next few days.

Have your family do the same, by separating all the essentials. Including medicines, underwear, clothing, personal hygiene stuff, chargers, and anything that they are using daily. The trip from Missouri to Florida can last approximately 17 hours if going by car, or a 2 hours fight if you decide to travel by plane.

A couple taking pictures of moving mboxes
All the things you plan to throw out to sell online. That way you will earn some money and your stuff won’t end up in the garbage

Hack 2: The packing supplies

If you ever had a chance to organize a move, you know that it’s not all about the boxes. They are one of the essential materials for transfer. However, they need to come together with wrapping paper, duct tape, bubble wrap, some permanent markers, and sticky plastic wrap. These would be the basic stuff to purchase, without having to spend too much money on the supplies.

Hack 3: Separating your possessions is one of the most important packing hacks

You will want to avoid the mess unorganized packing can bring if you follow a few simple packing hacks. Imagine yourself unpacking in the kitchen and reaching for the box, expecting to find kitchen utensils, but instead, everything is mixed up. Avoid mixing different types of stuff in the same boxes. You’d better sort it by location, rather than size.

Still, you’ll want to optimize the use of packing space. One of the things you can do, it to acquire different size boxes. They would separate your smaller things from the big ones. Or, just wrap them in some packing paper, securing it with duct tape.

A man marking box with permanent marker following packing hacks.
You don’t need fancy labels, permanent markers will do the trick when sorting your packed boxes

Hack 4: Pay attention to box weight!

When buying boxes and other materials, you will get the info about the weight they can carry. But when you’re doing the packing following these few packing hacks, you will have to approximately estimate the weight of your stuff.

Pay attention not to make your boxes extra heavy. That way, you will avoid mishaps in breaking your stuff, and they won’t be too heavy for carrying. A couple more boxes with evenly distributed weight won’t make much difference. Especially when it comes to the moving estimate your hired mover will offer. Better safe than sorry!

Hack 5: Careful, fragile!

Make sure to have appropriate packing supplies for your fragile things. In case you have to improvise, use some soft blankets and clothes to protect your things. Indeed, the moving company crew will be careful, but you need to pay extra attention to packing, especially if you’re doing it yourself.

A man laying bellow the pile of boxes because he didn't follow packing hacks.
One of the most important packing hacks: You might be super-parent but you’re not a Superman! Distribute some chores to the rest of your family to make it easier for you

All the boxes should be labeled with arrows showing up, just in case. You can assign your children to do it to make them more involved. That way, they will see it as an exciting activity to do with their parents and make them feel they have an important role in the moving process.

Even though it requires a lot of work, the moving process can be fun if you include your family in the process. You are getting rid of the old stuff, and turning a new leaf with so many opportunities that are waiting for you in the Sunshine State.

Also, turning the packing process into an exciting experience will have a lot of positive impact on your children. And applying some life and packing hacks will make big life changes easier.