How to find a job before moving to Miami?

A view of Miami - find a job before moving to Miami

Do you want to live in Miami? Having a job is the most important thing, so first, you should find a job and then move there. Is it possible? How to find a job before moving to Miami and not worrying about money and bills? Don’t waste time and start searching right now.

The job market in Miami

Miami is one of the Florida cities for job seekers. Tourism is not the only industry that isgrowing – most people think that. Yes, it has amazing weather and a very large cruise port, but it has a lot more to offer to job seekers. Trade and manufacturing are also big industries here. Architecture, interior design, and real estate are also fields that are booming. The unemployment rate is 3.7% (it is getting lower) and the average salary is $46,800.

A view of Miami.

Who does not want to live in Miami where is always sunny and the beach is amazing

Tips to find a job before moving to Miami

The ideal situation is to already have a job in Miami before you move there for good. This is possible, but you need to be persistent. These tips may help you find a job in your dream city.

  • Include your potential arrival date in your CV – send your resume to many different companies where you want to work and you should mention what you are not from Miami, but you want to move there. You don’t need to write the exact moving date, but for example, write “summer 2020”. Also, update your LinkedIn profile and add all your information.
  • Explain why you are moving to Miami – maybe your potential employers want to know your reasons for moving to Miami and why you need to find a job before moving to Miami. They will probably ask you during the first phone call. Tell your story with enthusiasm and confidence. Explain why you love Miami and of course, why they should hire you. Learn things about Miami before moving there, that may help you get the job faster.
  • Leverage your network – networking is the most important step when searching for a job in a new city. Talk to everyone you know that you are looking for a job in Miami and your future plans for a career.
  • Be flexible – keep in mind that this will be your first job in Miami. Be ready to have phone interviews at odd hours and maybe to travel to Miami for an interview. Local candidates have easier access, so maybe you need to work more to get a job.
A girl try to find a job before moving to Miami.

Don’t quit after one shot, it is not easy to get a job when the competition is strong


It will not be easy to find a job before moving to Miami, but it is not impossible. Follow open jobs online and contact many different companies. If you have friends from Miami, ask them to help you or to recommend you. It may take months until you find a perfect job, but it is worth it. We are sure you will fall in love with the city, like millions of others.