How to find a home after moving to the Far East

When buying a Far East realty, be careful

The Far East attracts many people. The tradition, the culture, and the lifestyle are something that impresses people from all around the world. Miamians are one of the cities with people intending to move to Japan, China or South Korea for example. When the idea like this comes to your mind, there are many things that you should consider. One of the most important things is how to find a home after moving to the Far East. And it’s definitely more difficult than finding a home in Miami. The fact that you’re going to the foreign country can bring many difficulties in your life. Since you won’t be able to solve the problems in a manner you got used to in Miami. The Far East is a completely another world. Prepare to adjust and learn how to get around, or better don’t relocate.

East Asia real estate- how to purchase it as a foreigner?

Real estate in East Asia - learn how to find the perfect one

Learn how to find the perfect real estate in East Asia

As the Olympic Games in Japan are nearing, more and more people are thinking of moving to the Far East, at least as a temporary solution. Buying a real estate in Japan, therefore, seems as a brilliant idea. But can you purchase a Japanese real estate as a foreigner? Yes, you can buy and sell property in Japan as a foreigner. Still, there are some restrictions when it comes to different nationalities:

  • The foreigners from Myanmar, Indonesia, Islands in the South Pacific and some European countries can’t purchase a real estate property.
  • Australian foreigners can only purchase a new land or residence.
  • An expat from Singapore, China, Thailand, and the Philippines can only own a property for a limited period of time.
  • A Malaysian foreigner can only purchase an expensive property in Japan (over 30 million Yen)

These were some facts to help foreigners find a home after moving to the Far East. Only those rules apply only to Japan. We picked to tell you about the Land of the Rising Sun because it’s the country where the most of the people moving to the Far East move lately. If you intend to move somewhere else in the Far East, check the legislature for expats from the States. Do this prior to the preparations for the relocation. find a home after moving to the Far East?

How can a foreigner find a home after moving to the Far East?

When you plan to relocate to the Far East, say to Japan, you should first think about the professional movers. You don’t want to make any international relocation without the help of international moving experts. When moving to Japan, we suggest you should hire Kokusai Express Moving Japan. They are an experienced company conducting relocations to Japan from all around the world for years. The experience they have helps them conduct everything trouble-free, and in the shortest period possible. So you can enjoy your move to your next residence in Japan. After that, you will be searching for an apartment or home. And here are the ways how you can do that:

  • Find a good real estate agent

Read how you can find a home after moving to the Far East

There are several ways how you can find a home after moving to the Far East

The realty agents have the know-how, the experience, and the connections to find the real estate you might be searching for. Besides, in the sea of residential property, you can get scammed. In a foreign country, this is the last thing you would want to experience. Do some research, check the realty agent’s reliability, and start the search for a perfect home in Japan for you after the relocation.

  • Search for residential real estate listings in Japan

This is certainly one way to find an apartment or a house in Japan that would fit your needs. Only, be very careful. As we said, the real estate scams are in rising in recent years. Pay attention to every detail and watch for any red flag you can notice. You don’t want to be one of those poor people who were among dozens who bought the same house or apartment.

  • Search for a home after moving to the Far East by going around the neighborhoods you like

If you have some time and money to spare, this could appear to be the best way of shopping for the home in Japan. Check out what neighborhoods feel like home, drive or walk around them and see what you can purchase. After that, thoroughly check the background and the condition of each residential realty you like. Here’s what you should check:

  • Are there some issues with the ownership (if there are more than one owners for example)
  • Was there some scam connected to that house in the past– If there was, we recommend to walk away, even if everything is ok with the current documentation.
  • Are there some repairs needed– when you want to find a home after moving to the Far East, you certainly wouldn’t want to invest a considerable amount of money into repairing it.
  • Does the home have everything you want– The heating and cooling system, the kitchen tools, the garden furniture, or anything else you might require.

Whichever path to finding a perfect home in East Asia you take, be very careful

Necessarily be careful when searching for East Asia home

Being careful when searching for East Asia home is a necessity

As an expat, you should be very careful whenever investing your money. There are the differences in the legislature, in the business practice etc. Explore everything even before you take the first step toward purchasing a real estate. It costs a lot of money, and the money is what you want to be careful with, especially when moving to some expensive city such as Shangai or Tokyo. Many people think that moving to Asia means moving to a less expensive place for life. But the most attractive places for the people moving from Europe and from the States, i.e. home buyers from Miami, are just the places as expensive or even more expensive than Miami. Be very careful and do the research, find out how much money you need to survive one month in the country you’re intending to move to.

Prepare some savings aside for the budget for your new house, and lay low after the relocation. This way you shall experience how it is to live in Japan, China, Taiwan, and you shall find out how to have fun, without jeopardizing your survival in the Far East. One of our top recommendations before you find a home after moving to the Far East, and even before moving to East Asia, is to visit it first as a tourist. See if you like it as you thought you would. It’s a lot less painful to decide that it’s not a place for you after you just visited it as a tourist, than if you purchased a house and left a job. If you still want to move there, we hope we helped you a bit with these tips for finding a home after your relocation to East Asia!