Coziest Florida cities for seniors

a sunset view of miami

If you want to spend your retirement in Florida, you might be wondering what might be the coziest Florida cities for seniors. And you are not alone. Florida has been one of the most sought after states where people wish to relocate after retirement.

One of the main reasons for this is because there are many government benefits for retirees who decide to buy property in the Sunshine state. Apart from this benefit, the Florida weather and many senior citizen communities make this state a great place to spend your golden years. This fact makes thousands of people move to cities in Florida from other US states and foreign countries.

miami skyline in the night
Florida is a popular retirement destination in the US.

And there are many cities to choose from. Namely, the total costs of living, health care, culture and lifestyle of Florida residents, the amazing nature and history of these cities makes them perfect for any senior citizen out there. So, let us take a look at a couple of cities that might become your new home.

Sarasota is one of the coziest Florida cities for seniors

This city is perfect for senior citizens that wish to live on the West Coast of Florida. This city is home to an array of beaches lined with amazing restaurants and bars.What is more, Sarasota is home to many senior citizens that frequent Sarasota beach bars. Accordingly, Sarasota has been consistently on top of best cities for retirement. This is mostly due to its top-notch health care facilities and good quality of life.

Although property prices and living in Sarasota are slightly more expensive than the national average, you will find it that paying a little bit extra to live in this city is more than worth it.


Tampa is also a haven for retirees who wish to do fun activities all day long. There are numerous amenities for senior citizens in Tampa. This makes Tampa one of the most enjoyable places to retire in Florida. Add quality health care institutions into the mix, and you are in for barrels of fun and cozy living.

If you are used to living in a big city, but are looking for a place that is slightly less metropolitan than Miami, then Tampa should be on your map. Also, you will be surprised to hear that the average property price does not go over $300,000.

big commercial buildings and a monument in tampa
Tampa is culturally relevant and less frantic than Miami.

Miami is also on the list of coziest Florida cities for seniors

One downside of Miami is the fact that it can be pricey. But you should not let that deter you from considering moving to this lovely city. Namely, Miami offers top-notch restaurants, cultural events and developed senior citizen communities to its residents. As with Tampa, you will have the benefit of living in one of the most exciting urban areas in Florida. In a sense, it could be argued that you cannot put a price to that.

However, be prepared to encounter significantly higher home listing prices than in other Florida cities. The average Miami property comes at a price of $380,000. The good news is that you most definitely get your money’s worth in terms of comfort and coziness.

Pembroke Pines

Pembroke Pines is located in southern Florida, and is part of the Miami metropolitan area. However, although it is only 22 miles away from downtown Miami, it is home to only around 150,000 people. This peaceful and cozy little city is perfect for retirees that are fed up with big city life.

However, this does not mean Pembroke Pines are no fun – in fact, Money magazine has put it on its list of Top Places to Live, which speaks volumes about this place.

If you plan on moving to Pembroke Pines from places such as nearby Fort Lauderdale or Miami, it is best if you hire an experienced local moving company to help you settle in trouble-free.

Coral Gables

Speaking of smaller cities, Coral Gables is perfect for people who like to live in smaller, planned residential areas. With only around 50,000 citizens, this city is great if you want to live near Miami, but still enjoy the charm of living in a smaller community.

Coral Gables is famous for its Mediterranean architecture and rustic vibe. Accordingly, if you care about culture, you should definitely consider moving to this lovely town. In case you need help with the move, experienced local moving professionals are at your disposal at any time of the year you decide to relocate to Coral Gables.

Coral gables beach in florida
Wonderful beaches and fun activities attract seniors to Coral Gables.

Boca Raton

Boca Raton is located in Palm Beach County. It is a great place to retire to because it takes the best of both worlds. Namely, it has various big city amenities, but living here is not as erratic as living in downtown Miami can be. Seniors that are into yachting and sailing will find this city incredibly exciting. What also attracts seniors to this city is that Boca Raton has one of the best shopping, leisure time, and dining areas in the country. Our friends from say that they move seniors to this place every day!

Whereas living here is costly even for Florida standards, the cozy and luxurious feel of Boca Raton is perfect if you wish to have a calm, enjoyable retirement.

Fort Myers

Fort Myers is perfect for seniors that love to enjoy fun summer activities such as snorkeling and diving. This city is famous for its summer leisure activities, making it a wonderful place where you can be active and healthy long after you retire. With its astonishingly clean and beautiful beaches, you will be able to enjoy all that Florida has to offer in a single place.

We hope this short guide to the coziest Florida cities for seniors has helped you come closer to the decision on where you want to spend your retirement.