Florida cities young families will love moving to

Fort Lauderdale is one of Florida cities young families will love moving to.

If you consider moving to Florida you have to look past the stereotype of Florida being a retiree state. Contrary to common belief Florida is a great place to raise a family. There are many reasons why young families are moving to Florida. That said, finding the right place for a family with children may not be easy. Many Florida cities are perfect for families but there are many factors to consider. You should look into these to more easily Florida cities young families will love moving to. Once you do this you should choose the right one for you.

Why is Florida attractive?

Well, Florida is the Sunshine State and has a reputation for being a state with a special kind of lifestyle and vibe. First, it is a state that has miles of white sand beaches perfect for relaxation. Christal blue ocean and a year-long warm climate only complete the picture. But the is not all. The economy in Florida is booming. To an extent, it is becoming a hub for new tech companies. This means that Florida draws in more and more young professionals looking for quality job opportunities. They are coming here with families that are looking for all of the amenities they need. Luckily Florida has the potential to accommodate.

A crowd on Florida walkway.
There is a specific way of life and lifestyle in Florida that draws people in

What do young families need?

Family life presumes a certain atmosphere to can allow a family to thrive. First, the city should be affordable and within budget. Also, It should provide adequate conditions to raise kids. This means that the majority of families are looking for cities that can provide good education, to their children as well as other amenities to satisfy their needs. Untouched nature is one of the strong sides of Florida. This provides plenty of opportunities for outdoor activities and fun. There are many different offerings to enjoy from beaches and the ocean to the forests and the swamps of Florida.

At the same time, there are plenty of towns that offer a quiet lifestyle. They are tranquil and offer a small-town feel. Smaller crowds, fewer traffic jams, and quiet communities in small towns attract many young families. However, there are many large Florida cities young families will love moving to after close research. They are what is keeping Big Man’s Moving Company and other local movers busy relocating young families to Florida.

How to choose

Many factors influence whether the city is right for your family or not. Affordability, safety, schooling, nature, economy, and job market are just some of them. The mixture of these factors will be a deciding reason to choose and move to a certain town or city. The most common criteria many people use are:

  • Schools – quality schooling system is a must for young families moving to Florida
  • Safety — low crime rate is a critical factor for families planning to raise a family in Florida
  • Affordability – most families look for cities they can afford and are within their budget.
  • Families with children – having more families with children live in a city makes it more family-friendly and easy to adapt to

With this in mind, here is a shortlist of the cities young families would love to move to. This data can help with your moving decision and the planning process and prep.

Besides the Florida cities young families will love moving to small towns with untouched nature
Florida has a beautiful and untouched nature for families to enjoy

Cooper City

Choosing cooper city is a good choice for any family. The city is affordable and most of the families own homes. It is both safe and affordable with many amenities for kids. Great schools, a lot of outdoor activities are great for children. At the same time, it offers plenty of restaurants, parks, and shops for the entire family to enjoy.

Apollo Beach

This suburb of Tampa is flourishing into a small town that offers peace and quiet. With many family-friendly activities and potentials it si drawing more families in. It is not that affordable but it is safe and offers good schools. The main aspect of Apollo Beach is the people. Residents are friendly and form a close-knit community. Be sure that during your move locals can give you a helping hand and are happy to do so. So, besides the local movers that can handle your relocation, the residents of Apollo Beach will also be glad to assist you.

Harbour Island

Harbor Island is a great choice if you want to live close to a big city like Tampa and experience life on the island. Besides its affordability, the island offers a great family and nightlife. The city is safe and provides great schooling for children.


Rockledge is very budget-friendly. It offers a small-town feel but is close to Orland if anyone wants to go for a visit to a large city. The children have great opportunities and kid-friendly activities to choose from.

A family standing on a river bank.
There is a whole list of perfect, family-friendly cities and towns in Florida

Safety Harbour

Safety Harbor is located just very close to Tampa. Also, it is so close to the big city it is quite the opposite. It is a small little town that is quaint and family-friendly. The town does not get too crowded although it is a point of interest for those looking to retreat from Tampa or St. Petrburg for a day. The proximity of Clearwater Beach makes it perfect for a lot of family-friendly activities and outdoor fun.

Also, moving to Safety Harbor is a fairly easy activity. Specialized movers with experience in family relocations are readily available. With the friendly environment and people that live here, it is not hard to find help in the neighborhood as your local movers will be your potential neighbors. The town is lined up with restaurants, bars, and other fun activities for the whole family. This unique aspect of this small town draws in many families looking for a quiet place to live, spend family time, and raise children.


There is a sure sign that Oviedo is most popular for families with children. Almost half of the families in Oviedo have children under the age of 18. The city is extremely suitable for families with children. There are many amenities for families, the city is close to the UCF. The city is both affordable and very beautiful making it perfect for families.

The trend today is that Florida is a top destination for young professionals and families. It is easy to find and list a great number of Florida cities young families will love moving to. It is due to their charm, opportunities, and great family amenities and schools. Moving here is easy so you should consider researching to find the city most suitable for your family.