Guide to make your move from Florida to Ohio as affordable as possible

Woman surrounded by boxes.

If you’re planning to relocate from Florida to Ohio, you’ll be pleased to learn that the state offers a wealth of fascinating prospects. There are plenty of outdoor activities, artisan breweries, and cultural sites to keep you occupied all year. It’s simple to understand why nearly 10 million people love to call Ohio home, with the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Lake Erie. However, such a long-distance move requires a lot of planning and money. To help you save money during the relocation, here’s a guide we compiled on how to make your move from Florida to Ohio as affordable as possible.

Benefits of Moving From Florida To Ohio

There are plenty of reasons why you might’ve decided to make a move from Florida to Ohio finally. For example, many young families are moving out of Florida due to weather conditions and searching for more affordable living. Before we get into the ways you can make your move from Florida to Ohio as affordable as possible, let’s discuss some of the benefits of this move first:

Change of Season

Despite the fact that Florida is warm all year, its citizens do not get to see the beauty of the changing seasons. In Ohio, though, there are four different seasons, so you can witness the leaves change color in the fall and flowers blossom in the spring.

A snowy road in Ohio.
After moving to Ohio, you’d finally be able to enjoy the snow.

Lower Cost Of Living

Housing, food, utilities, and overall cost of living are all less expensive in Ohio than the national average. Housing is the least costly, accounting for 77.5 percent of the national average. In every category, including food, Florida outperforms the national average. 

Centrally Located

The tagline of Ohio is “the heart of it all,” which is a geographical fact! The state of Ohio is centrally located, making it easy to travel to various fascinating cities. It lies midway between New York and Chicago, and destinations such as Washington, D.C, Boston, Toronto, Philadelphia, and Nashville are all within a day’s drive. Although this may not seem like the sole reason to move to an entirely different state, it is a great added bonus. If you do decide to move to Ohio, you’ll be able to find help in the neighborhood when it comes to the relocation process.

How To Relocate With Limited Money?

It’s not impossible to move with limited funds, especially to another state. It does, however, require a lot of thinking and a strategy that you can put into action right away to get back on more firm ground. For example, you should do all possible research and prepare yourself even in case any injuries happen during the relocation. Simply put, this isn’t something you can just undertake in the spur of the moment.

Stock Up On Cash Before The Move

To begin, the most cost-effective option to move from Florida to Ohio is to pay it all in cash. This way, you won’t be squandering money on interest. Using a credit card to pay unforeseen moving expenses will just add to your debt which is a bad idea if you’re already strapped for cash. So, months before your move, make a moving budget and plan every stage of your relocation.

Man laying on the floor covered with empty boxes.
stocking up on cash and free boxes a few months before the move.

Declutter To Reduce The Amount Of Stuff You Have To Move

Getting rid of stuff you don’t need is another strategy to save money on your move. Think of all the excess things that are currently just sitting in your garage or your storage unit. Do you really need all of them? One of the best ways to make your move from Florida to Ohio as affordable as possible is to throw away or donate all the useless things you own. 

However, if you simply can’t get rid of some stuff but know you won’t have a place for them in your new home, consider getting a storage unit in a secure facility in the area. This could be a great backup. Moreover, your new place won’t be cluttered because you’ll have enough storage space right away. It’s a great way to start with a clean slate.

Get Free Packing Supplies

You can get free packing boxes anywhere! Visit your neighborhood supermarket, shopping center, and cinema. Every night, they’re likely to have a lot of boxes to recycle. Inquire if they would let you take those boxes off their hands and presto! You’ve discovered a free way to obtain packaging materials. 

Furthermore, you can try using crumpled-up newspapers, blankets, or towels as cushioning when packaging fragile items. As a bonus, you’ll be saving some space. You also don’t need to invest in a sophisticated label maker; a permanent marker would suffice. You can find a lot of valuable resources and packing tips on, as well as some unpacking and storage tips.

Ask Your Friends To Help Out

If you’re looking to save money, paying for a few pizzas to get your friends to help is way cheaper than if you decided to hire professional movers. It’s also a terrific chance to make one last memory with your friends. Keep in mind, though, that most of your friends may only be able to assist you with packing and loading.

Two friends high-fiving during a move from Florida to Ohio.
Ask your friends to help you pack and move in order to save money!

Your closest pals, on the other hand, could even travel across state lines to assist you in moving a car or unpacking! If you’re moving from Florida to Ohio by car, make sure you prepare it for a cross-country move. Also, make sure you’d be happy to return the favor if they ask you.

Final Thoughts

As we said, a lot goes into a long-distance move. You need to put a lot of time and effort to make your move from Florida to Ohio as affordable as possible. Aside from the tips we mentioned, another great way to save money on the move is to move during workdays or winter. Sure, moving on a random business day may seem inconvenient. However, because demand for moving equipment will be lower, you may be able to save a significant amount of money.