Have you ever considered moving to NYC?

If you wish to enjoy this beautiful view, moving to NYC is the right step for you

Do you want to move somewhere and to change location? But, where to go and start a new life? Have you ever considered moving to NYC as your new and fresh start? If the answer is NO, then you maybe should because Big Apple can offer you a lot. When choosing your new place, researching, googling, organizing, and preparing is part of the whole process. So, should you move and live in New York City, or you shouldn’t? Make a list, and at least consider it. After all the facts you will find, making a decision will be easy.

A view of NYC at night

NYC is a big city with many people. Explore it and consider living there

Should you consider moving to New York City?

What to know before you move somewhere, in this case to NYC? How to be sure you are making a good choice? Considering living in one of the most popular cities in the world is a big deal. But, yes, you should consider it. To avoid stress when moving, you must be fully prepared.

Questions to ask before moving to NYC

Being confused and scared is normal when moving. That is why you should explore and ask all the questions

How to choose a neighborhood in NYC?

Where to move to NYC and how to choose a perfect place?

  • Consider being close to the subway and to have easy access.
  • Check restaurant s near your apartment and stores.
  • What about schools for kids (if you are moving with them)?
  • If you are young and want to have fun, choose a neighborhood with clubs and bars.
  • Check zones that are most dangerous in case of a storm.
  • What about the crime rate in the neighborhood?
  • Talk to your landlord before you rent an apartment.

Some of the best neighborhoods here are:

  • Kips Bay
  • Murray Hill
  • Chelsea
  • Financial District
  • Battery Park City
  • Greenwich Village
  • Prospect Heights
  • Brooklyn Heights

NYC for families and young kids

NYC is now safe for kids and it can be a place for your family. If the size of the apartment concerns you, then you can find affordable but reliable storage space in Manhattan to put all the stuff you do not need every day such as off-season clothing and decorations.

Find a family-friendly neighborhood that has good schools, and move with a family. Growing up in the city such as Big Apple is a unique experience and your kids will have more opportunities.

Moving to NYC with a pet

If you have a dog (especially a big dog), finding an apartment will be harder, but not impossible. Your options will be smaller, but you will learn how to manage it. Lots of people in NYC have a pet, some more than one. A good real estate agent should find you a perfect spot.

Pros of living in Big Apple

Why should you consider moving to NYC and what this city can offer you as a resident? Researching the pros of living here can be fun.

  1. A lot of career opportunities in fashion, finance, PR, art, music, etc. If you want to work on your career life, NYC is the perfect place. If you want to organize office relocation to NYC, it may be a good business plan.
  2. A big advantage is, if you do not love to drive, public transport can take anywhere and anytime you want.
  3. You will be surrounded by historic places on every corner.
  4. You love Chinese food, Mexican, French, American, Mediterranean too, NYC has different restaurants with delicious food from all around the world.
  5. Meeting people and having a date is easy when you are in a place with a million people.
  6. The 20th century is over, so not NYC is safer than before.
  7. Everything is near and everything can be delivered to your apartment, even in the 4 AM.
boxes for collecting pros and cons of moving to NYC

Living in NYC has advantages and disadvantages. Calculate what you have more and decide

Cons of living in Big Apple

Each city in the world has both, pros and cons. So, NYC has the disadvantages too. Before you move there, you should know everything about this big city. Even the bad sides.

  1. Expensive rent, property, and the rest costs of living are expensive too. Moving to NYC will be probably a pricy event.
  2. The City never sleeps, so it can be a little boring after a while. Sometimes you will want quiet time only for yourself.
  3. Small apartments where you cannot put all your household items, but renting a storage unit may be one of the solutions.
  4. Traffic is noisy and heavy, and it is easy to be late when you have a crazy situation on the road.
  5. Almost zero holidays and free days at work.
  6. Winters are very cold, and the fall is rainy and windy. If you are not used to bad weather, it may be a problem
  7. When you start living in NYC, you will forget to visit all those museums, galleries, restaurants. Being a resident is not the same as being a tourist, You will probably take everything for granted.

Hiring a company for moving to NYC

After consideration, it is time to decide. If you want to relocate to Big Apple, the next step is hiring a moving company. Find a reliable and reputable Big Apple Movers NYC and have a successful and stress-free move. You will have a lot of work with moving preparations, so the last thing you need is to deal with transportation and a traffic jam (it can be really crazy, trust us). Driving a moving vehicle by yourself on NYC streets is dangerous if you do not have enough experience.

4 labeled moving boxes

A moving company can pack and transport all your belongings, so you do not have to worry

Moving to NYC is a big step and it is not for everyone, but living there should be one of the options, so at least consider and explore it. Others people experience does not matter until you try it by yourself. Preparing for a long-distance move includes focus and help, but when the relocation is over, you can enjoy and explore a new place.