Hiring a real estate agent: Things to know

When hiring a real estate agent there are a few things which you should know...

So, the time has come again for you to sell your home and move to a new place? You’re not alone in this venture, believe us. If you’ve been reading our blog, you’re likely already informed about a number of things on this topic. Finding good movers for a Miami relocation is a must. Of course, knowing a bit about the real estate market in Florida is also a great idea. However, there is one thing which almost always takes precedent. Selling a home is going to come before your move. And, even if you’re not a first-time moving homeowner, there are some things you should know about hiring a real estate agent to sell your home. So, before heading for your Miami dream house, here are some tips on how to get your own to fetch a great price.

First things first, you should know what hiring a broker for your Miami move means

If you're hiring a real estate agent in Miami you need to check their credentials carefully.

Hiring a real estate agent in Miami will have you checking everything about them carefully…

Choosing a good real estate agent when moving to Miami tends to be tricky. If you pick a successful one, they could hand you down to someone in their firm who’s just starting out. If you choose a less-known one, they may need to juggle you with their other clients and have less time for you. So, before signing anything, it’s important that you ask questions. Make sure that you know exactly who will be in charge of you. Ask who will be making phone calls, doing your open houses and helping you search for the ideal Miami beach house. Be sure to carefully read the listing or buyer’s contract before signing it, too. Ask about any extra fees on top of the commission. These can often be negotiable.

Hiring a real estate agent for a relocation to Miami should have you checking references

Picking a broker for a move to Miami isn’t an exact science. Sometimes it’s better to have someone who is experienced and knows what they’re doing. On the other hand, new brokers will often have more time for you, due to lack of clients. But, no matter what, before choosing a Miami real estate agent, check their references and licenses. If their list is composed only of close friends and relatives, this may not be the perfect broker for the job.

Know what your open house actually means when hiring a real estate agent

Your broker might get more out of the open house than he's telling you...

Holding an open house is good for both you and your broker.

Holding an open house is usually a must step of selling a home, right? However, did you know that this event will actually mean more to your broker? Exactly. When hiring a real estate agent before moving to Miami you should know that they will love open houses. The more you hold, the happier they will be. This is the perfect time for the broker to give away their cards and mingle with their potential new clients. Does this mean that you shouldn’t hold an open house? Definitely not. If you’re planning on buying a proper dream home in the Miami real estate market you will need to sell your own for a good price. The open house will definitely help. Though, make sure that you get what you’re paying for. If your broker is sitting in the corner and reading a book or on their phone, all the time, give them a gentle reminder as to why they’re there. It’s important that they spend more time actually selling your home, instead of bringing in more business for themselves.

A little bit of mess is normal for anyone, keep that in mind when selling your home

More than often, when selling a house, you will get a phone call from your broker telling you that they could show the home in about fifteen minutes to someone. It’s essential that you don’t turn these people away because of the daily mess in the home. Your house has been lived in and there is bound to be some stuff here and there. Just, tell the real estate agent that there is a bit of a mess, as it is a last minute showing, so that the potential buyers are aware. A thing which your broker isn’t likely to tell you is that these ‘last minute’ showings are usually profitable. Most people like this will actually make a decision then and there.

Among the things which you should know when hiring a real estate agent is that a low offer isn’t bad

Your broker will often tell you the lowest price of your home which you should consider. However, often, agents will overestimate the cost of a home. This is called ‘buying a listing’ and it basically ensures that your home will be on the market for a long time. When hiring a broker for your move to Miami they will try and compete with each other by doing this. So, if you do get a low offer, don’t turn it away. Consider the real estate market today in Miami and think realistically. If it’s enough money for you to move to Miami Beach with your family, it doesn’t really matter if it doesn’t match the broker’s estimate, does it?

As a final tip, if you’re selling your home before moving to Miami, know about the open house rules

The smell will make your house a home for any potential buyer.

When selling a home, the best scent for an open house is that of fresh cookies!

So, we’ve already talked a little bit about the open house, right? You know that hiring a real estate agent means that they should be active when selling. Also, you are aware that a little bit of mess isn’t bad. So, here are some final tips which you should know when organizing an open house viewing:

  • Scent is important for a good sale. If you’re eager to move to Miami, use this trick. Bake cookies before the open house. The pleasant smell is likely to have the potential buyers seeing the house as a home as soon as they enter.
  • Don’t be too tidy when showing. Sure, a house from a magazine looks wonderful, right? But, can you really imagine this as a home? Exactly. If you want your potential buyers to feel good as while touring, clean up in a moderate fashion. It’s alright to have everything perfectly vacuumed and wiped. But, don’t go overboard with playing music, staging cups on the counter, etc.