Hiring labor service for relocation – things to know

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Hiring labor service is something between the DIY move and full-service moving and is perfect for moving to another neighborhood or a nearby city. Unfortunately, not everyone is aware of this type of service. Having read this, you should get a clear idea of what this service is about.

What is labor service exactly?

You might be wondering what labor service is, especially if you’re moving for the first time in your life. You’ve heard of movers, but what’s the difference between these two? The former offers full-service, whereas the latter deals with heavy-lifting, loading, and unloading.

What is your part in it?

People who don’t move that far either go for the DYI or hire a labor service. That being the case, they pack on their own and rent a truck in both cases. So, if you choose to hire a labor service, don’t forget to pack all things, and naturally, you need a driver’s license.

Day laborer carrying a box, which exemplifies what hiring labor service is about
Hiring labor service means that you don’t have to lift items, load, and unload them.

Why hire labor service instead of moving by yourself?

Day laborers are pros. That means they have a training program, which prepares them for heavy-lifting. If you burden yourself, however, you would need the help of friends, and even then, something could go wrong. The benefits of hiring them are as follows:

  • you won’t waste your time and energy
  • you won’t get injured and put someone else at the risk
  • your belongings won’t get damaged
  • should your belonging get damaged, you’re insured

And the costs?

Comparing to the full-service moving company, you’ll pay considerably less, so that’s a plus, and it makes sense. They’re not providing as much service as movers do. The expenses depend on their working hours. Still, it’s more expensive than the DIY move. But we hope that the abovementioned reasons for hiring day labor are enough for you.

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Hiring labor service won’t cost you much.

Providing equipment

In contrast to the moving companies, moving labor companies don’t provide equipment for transportation. Renting the truck is at your expense and taking care of the equipment.

We’ve found out from our local professionals from Real Estate Miami 305 which equipment is a must. It includes a floor dolly, appliance dolly, and hand truck. These are essentials, but most likely, you’d need something besides these.

Hiring labor service: make the right choice

When choosing the right moving laborers, it’s good to check their reliability. Some of them aren’t licensed, and that’s the type you might want to avoid. Others work as full-service movers but provide labor services as well. There are no second thoughts there.

Happy moving in!

We suppose that now you can make up your mind. Don’t forget to choose the right time to relocate, and we hope you’ll enjoy your new home with your family.