Home security tips you never thought of

Home Safety Key - Home security tips

Every home should be a safe area for living. It’s a place where you let your guards down, enjoy, and relax with your loved ones. So, it makes sense that you take steps and ensure it continues to be a place of peace and safety. That’s why you could use these home security tips you never thought of.

Home security tips – Limit places where thieves can hide

Don’t give strangers and thieves a place to hide in your property. So, here are some things you should do: 

  • Trim trees and bushes regularly. Especially for shrubs below windows and near doors. 
  • Remove tree branches that reach to windows. This way you’ll prevent easy access to your home. 
  • Trim down bushes or hedges that are high enough to block windows. 
  • Keep areas around the home that are rarely visited well lit at night. These places are great spots for thieves to hide because they are out of sight. But, if you worry about the electric bill, consider installing motion detection spotlights.

Also, another way to secure your home is to buy insurance. So, there is no need to wonder do you need home insurance? Just do it.

Thief Burglary Break In - Home security tips
You can protect your homes from burglaries.

Let thieves know there is someone inside 

If you plan to leave home for a few days, without anyone in, one of the best home security tips to deter burglary attacks is to let them know that there is someone inside. You can do this in many ways, without expensive equipment. Here’s how:

  • Do not announce it on social media. Clever thieves scout for people to post pictures of them on planes or holidays before making the move.
  • Let your post office know that you’re out of town for several days. But, ask them to keep your mails until you come back and collect them. An overflowing mailbox or plenty of letters on the front step is a sure sign that there is nobody in the home. 
  • Install a timer in several light switches. This way they will automatically turn based on a set schedule. So, your home will have well lit at night.
  • Ask a friend or neighbor to check up your house.

Update locks

Thieves usually gain access to a home by jimmy-opening an old lock. Once you buy your Miami dreamhouse, updates lock. Old locks are very vulnerable to sabotage and lock-picking. But, newer models make it almost impossible to pry open with heavy tools and equipment. Also, make sure you change the locks even if your home is relatively new. It will give yourself peace of mind. 

Lock Key Security
Change the locks it’s one of the most important home security tips.

Home security tips – Install a home security system

Prevent thieves from entering your home by installing a home security system. Use one of the 7 best home security systems of 2020. It’s the perfect solution because alarm provides noise and attract attention. Also, it brings the authorities into your home quickly. Thieves can still enter, but they can’t spend a lot of time in. Also, if you can, pair alarm with video monitoring like CCTV cameras or even spy cams. 

Protect windows

It’s not the doors that are usually attacked by thieves. Windows are easily jimmied and accessed. So, don’t only reinforce doors, but also ensure that your windows are well protected and secured. So, lock them when you leave the house and at night. Also, update your window panes into a shatterproof glass.