Home staging costs you should account for

modern house, learn about home staging costs

It is time for you to sell your home, and to do it swiftly – you need to stage it correctly. Most people spend a lot of time thinking about how they can present their place to make it more attractive to potential buyers. But beware! Showcasing your home in the best possible way is a costly business that comes with certain unforeseen expenses. To help you prepare mentally for the expenses, Miami Real Estate Discoverer will tell you about home staging costs that you should definitely account for. 

Repainting is one of the home staging costs 

Since most people want to sell their homes as fast as possible, they need to make them more inviting to buyers. The first step toward making your house more appealing is repainting your walls white. The price of repeating your home will vary depending on the size. It can go from 1000 dollars up to 12000-dollars. You can usually save money by doing the repairing yourself if you have prior experience. But watch out: if you do a horrible job, it might dismay potential buyers. 

bedroom with white walls
White walls are the most inviting to potential buyers – make sure to repaint your home!

Doing home repairs before selling 

The second thing people will spend money on is home repairs before staging. Since having bad plumbing or heating vents can lower the price of your home by a lot, most people decide to do something about it before they sell. 

If you have some minor repairs, it can run you only 100 dollars, but if there are significant problems, the price might as well jump to 10,000 dollars. The reason why such repairs could end up costing an arm and a leg is the fact that most people cannot tackle them alone. Instead, they are required to ask for professional assistance coming from, for example, a plumber.

person screwing in window
The biggest of all home staging costs are house repairs.

Home staging expenses – storing your furniture 

The third home staging cost is storing furniture. To make the house more appealing, sellers will put most of their furniture in storage until they sell their home. The cost of storing furniture is affected by weight and volume and the amount of time it will spend in the unit. So if you are selling a huge home with a lot of furniture pieces, try and get it off the market as fast as possible. 

The cost of moving your furniture to the storage unit 

While we are talking about storage units, let’s quickly talk about the cost of moving them there. Since you probably have a lot of valuable furniture in your home, you do not want to deal with it alone and damage it. So most people leave the heavy lifting to professionals who know how to deal with furniture. Furniture movers will protect your furniture and get it into a storage unit dry and intact. 

You are ready to stage 

It does not matter why you are moving, you need to sell your house fast. And to sell your house, you need to know about home staging costs. It’s better to be aware of them up front than to be surprised later on!